Turn Your Motivation Into Money

2017 is here with a bang, and for most, resolutions have already been broken. There isn’t a right or wrong time to start to put more into yourself, though – you don’t necessarily have to wait for January 1st to start your journey, nor do you have to put it off until the next year because you missed that deadline.


This is a time to be frugal in what you do, but put money into the things that matter. Sounds like a paradox? You’d be correct in thinking so. However, investing in your image rather than spending money on pints in the pub makes for better in the long-term. Beer makes you confident for a night; assurance in yourself will make you confident for a lifetime.


So where is this all going, exactly? Well, an initial outlay into something that requires your time rather than your pennies is always going to be worthwhile – for you. It will provide you with focus, something that is being lost nowadays due to the fact that money can buy you pretty much anything. It’s not a bad thing that money can get you places; it works a lot of the time. But this is about doing something for you and you only, and getting the motivation required to do so.


Start by going running – outside. It is free and it works. If this doesn’t float your boat, search for “fitness gym near me”, then see it as money well-spent into something that matters. Running is beneficial not just for weight loss, but for formulating a routine, helping you to sleep better and relieving you of stress. Put simply: running is healthy for you. It doesn’t matter how fast or slow you go, or even if you go off track; what matters is that you’re on the right track to being a better you throughout.

With the running comes the drinking. There are so many options to choose from with a bountiful selection of sports drinks out there, but you can’t beat plain old water. We all know about the many benefits there are to drinking it, so why don’t we do it more? Make it your mission to indulge in as much of the good stuff as you can (your body will definitely thank you for it after exercise), and watch it start to work its magic on your skin, energy levels and general wellbeing.


Here’s where the money comes into it. Doing a lot of free stuff and drinking a lot of free things means more money left over to play with. This is where it can be put wisely it into things that matter – whether this is the bank, an ISA, a savings bond or something that is completely off finance and will make you feel top dollar. A new haircut will make you feel fresh, a cut-throat shave does wonders for your self-confidence if that’s your sort of thing, and a splurge on some new trainers will be an asset in the long run (excuse the pun).

Money can get you places, but it’s always best to remember that motivation will get you further. If you’re feeling good about yourself along the way, what’s not to lose?



Seven Tips For Instagram Personal Trainers and Fitness Companies



Just as many other major businesses, fitness companies have begun to realize that Instagram is a valuable platform to allow them to showcase what they offer and interact with their users. If you own a business in the fitness world and are looking to get started with Instagram, here are seven helpful tips that can help you leverage this social media giant to your advantage.


  1. The core of aspect of Instagram are the visuals.

It is well known that images are more effective than text when it comes to conveying a message. Instagram revolves around the use of photos and images. If you own a fitness business, consider showing off the services and products you offer using this platform.

As an example, you might post photos of your fitness equipment, your customers working out, or other aspects of your business as a way of showing off your services. Additionally, whenever you add a new product or service, you can post a photo as a way of announcing and promoting the new addition.



  1. Show off your valuable employees.

Trainers are one of the most important things that people look for when evaluating various fitness companies. If someone is looking to lose some weight, they not only want a company that offers the equipment they need, they also want a trainer who is knowledgeable and can help them reach their goals.

If you want to convey confidence to your user base, show off your trainers and other staff using Instagram. Take photos of them as they are working and, using the text space, include a little information so your users can get to know your employees.



  1. Follow fellow fitness companies.

If you want to succeed at using Instagram for your fitness business, you must stay on top of all the latest trends. Following other fitness pages is a great way to get some inspiration.

There are lots of them out there, from fitness clothing manufacturers to big names in sports and other athletics.



  1. Be smart with your choice of hashtags.

One of the things Instagram is most known for is their use of hashtags. As you post lots of pictures that deal with your business, make sure you hashtag them well so that your potential fans can find you.

There are many different tags that can be used, depending on what your company actually does. Some popular ones include #cardio, #workout, #getfit, #weightloss, #muscle, and #crossfit. These are just some of the hashtags that can help people find your page as they explore what Instagram has to offer.



  1. Interact with your followers.

If you want the people who follow you to stay interested, you have to engage them. You can ask questions using your captions, prompting them to answer in the comment section.

You can also respond to comments your followers make as a way of interacting. Additionally, Instagram can be used to organize a local meetup so your followers can get to know you and your business up close and personal.

Tools like Vibbi.com that allow you to purchase followers can be a great way to gain popularity when starting off. They allow you to see popular and in turn more people wish to follow you.



  1. Generate anticipation.

In order for a marketing campaign to succeed, you will have to generate some interest within your followers. You might consider rewarding loyal and interactive followers by giving them priority notice whenever a new product or service becomes available.

If you have an upcoming release, post some hints using photos before your launch. It will generate curiosity and make your followers start to anticipate what you have to offer. It will also help ensure that they feel special, getting a “sneak peek” at your latest offerings.


  1. Organize contests.

Another great way to engage your fitness followers on Instagram is to create a contest that your followers can participate in. As an example, a gym owner might ask followers to post photos of them working out at your gym. The winner is the one who gets the most likes, and they can receive a free month of service. These are just some of the things that can help your followers stay interested and engaged. Here are some ideas.



The Real Benefits Of Getting Fit With Others

There is a myriad of ways to find yourself getting fit. There are tips for getting into different forms and plenty of reasons to motivate you to do this exercise or that sport. But one of the aspects that we find most beneficial to any kind of workout is doing it with others. We’re going to look at a few ways how.



Provide new motivation

One of the big bugbears that we commonly deal with in exercise is finding motivation . As something becomes routine, it’s easier to keep it up. For a lot of people, however, getting to that point is the hard part. That’s why company can help you. It can motivate you in a few different aspects. It can be more enjoyable and easier to work out with someone at your side. You might be willing to keep it up simply so you let them down. Whatever factor works for you, it’s clear that having others to share your experience is great for motivation.


Adds another social dynamic to your life

We all have fairly busy lives these days. We have work, home, family and all sorts to contend with. It’s no wonder that a common excuse for avoiding working out is being unable to find the time. The very same can be said of social invitations and seeing your friends. Working out as a team or being part of a sports team can help you solve both those problems. It’s important to make sure you’re getting fit as well as seeing your friends.


Becoming part of a team

If it’s team sports you’re looking at in particular, then one of the benefits is simply becoming part of a team. That idea, being a team, can have all kinds of benefits. Even if it’s just getting polo kit suppliers to outfit you and your pals for some friendly games. It can help you build discipline and find a place to belong. It gives you not just someone to work out with, but a hobby and a social group around it. As far as motivation goes, there’s nothing like a whole team depending on you.


It builds you as a person

There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that physical activity has all kinds of mental benefits. Being in a team has even more. We’ve mentioned the discipline, but there’s also values like work ethic and respect that can be learned. Having the environment to get fit also leads to better emotional health. Less chance of stress and depression creeping into your life. Higher motivation and energy in other aspects of your life. All round, there’s no denying that living a healthier lifestyle has plenty of knock-on effects as well.


Whether it’s getting into a team sport or convincing a friend to go to the gym with you, company has all kinds of benefits. Giving you another way to socialise. Motivating you to keep at it. Building your emotional health. It’s easier to find reasons to do it than to not.


Don’t Forget These When Heading To An Exercise Class!



When deciding you need to get fit, you should figure out if you are going to workout at home or head to a gym. You may choose to research the area and see what classes are available to go to. If you are going to an exercise class for the first time, it can be an intense experience. Be prepared to be surrounded by a lot of people doing the same thing, and an instructor you must try and follow! Here are some essential things you need when heading to an exercise class!


Bottle of water

If you are going to go to an exercise class, you need to take a bottle of water with you for when you are out of breath. You are going to get hot and sweaty; meaning you will get thirsty. If you run out of water while you are working out, there is likely going to be somewhere you can fill it up. It’s important to keep drinking when you need to; otherwise dehydration will mean you will get tired too quickly, and won’t be able to carry on. Drinking some water gives you a boost to keep going and won’t hinder your performance.



A towel is crucial when you go to an exercise class. You will start sweating, and it’s a good idea to wipe yourself off after you have finished working out. You don’t want sweat staying on you, as you will start smelling bad and will get more spots if it’s left on your face. It gets rid of any bacteria which might form while working out. Also, give the weights and mat a wipe down with the towel just in case they have bacteria.


Comfortable clothes

If you are heading to workout, it’s a good idea to make sure you have some comfortable clothes on. You need to be able to move around and stretch easily. Anything too tight will mean you won’t be able to get involved as much as you could. A comfy pair of pants is hugely important. Choose some leggings for working out that work best for you and fit most comfortably. Also, make sure your underwear all fits comfortably so you’re protected while moving around. You may want to take some clothes to change into after you have finished your class if they provide facilities for changing.



It’s important to be respectful to the other people that are attending the workout class. They might feel insecure about being there, so let them do what they want without interfering. In no circumstances, should you laugh at the people working out next to you. They are trying their best, as are you. Smile at the people around you, and you never know, you could make friends!


Shower essentials

You are going to be very sweaty after working out so you should make sure that if they have showers, you use them. Take your shower essentials including your shampoo and body shower so that you can smell nice and fresh after taking part in your class!


Don’t forget these essentials and you will soon be a pro at going to exercise classes!


A 6 Step Plan to Hitting Your Weight Loss Goals

January is the month in which many of us try to shed the pounds. So, if you’re already feeling tempted to give up, here’s how to stick at it and hit your weight loss goals.


  1. Recognise Your Achievements

When people are trying to lose weight, they tend to be very harsh on themselves. Make sure you don’t fall into this trap because it can damage your morale and cause you to fail. When you lose some weight or you do well on a particular week, make sure you recognise what you’re doing well. Being harsh on yourself the whole time will not help you reach the goals that you’ve set for yourself.


  1. Assess Your Portion Sizes

Eating portions that are far bigger than they need to be is something many of us do without even realising. We tend to just pile the food on the plate until it looks about the right size to fend off the hunger. This is not the most scientific of approaches to portion control though. It’s better if you take the time to weigh out the food you are going to eat and be aware of how many calories it contains.




  1. Find a Weight Loss Partner

Finding a partner is a great way to keep yourself going when times are tough. When you are alone on your weight loss journey, it is easy to give up. When you are on the journey with another person, there is some pressure on you to keep going for their sake. It also adds a degree of competition to the proceedings. You will be competing with one another to see who can hit their goals first.


  1. Remove Temptations

As Oscar Wilde put it, we can resist anything but temptation. This is a problem when you’re trying to improve your fitness and lose weight though! It could be the temptation to pick up a takeaway rather than cook a healthy meal or the temptation to snack on chocolate biscuits. These are the kinds of temptations that can completely derail your hopes of losing weight and getting fit. So, do everything you can to remove these temptations from your environment.


  1. Invest in Equipment

Getting fit is made a lot easier if you have the right equipment in place to make it happen. It could be a new pair of running shoes or you might be tempted by ones of those home treadmills . By investing in the right equipment, you will be more likely to stick to your weight loss plan. You’ll be able to exercise whenever you want without any excuses for not doing so. And because you’ve spent cash on these things, you’ll want to get your money’s worth.


  1. Motivate Yourself Daily

Motivation plays a huge role when it comes to losing weight. If you don’t have that motivation, you can easily lose interest and question why you’re even bothering to lose weight in the first place. We all know how easy it can be to give into the temptation to quit when we’re trying to do something that requires lots of effort. And there is definitely a lot of effort that has to go into losing weight and getting fit .





Olympic Abs Are Crafted In The Kitchen – Guest post by Mathews McGarry



Olympic Abs Are Crafted In The Kitchen

Most people think that the key to achieving the perfect look lies in constant gym workouts. This is an understatement which is most of the time taken for granted. Yes, the gym can help you develop strong and big muscles, but when it comes to muscle definition, it is not all about the gym. Instead, it is much more important to pay attention to the kitchen and the diet you are undergoing. To better understand this, the following explanations will teach you how to get the perfect abs that you have always craved for.

Diet is the number one priority

It all starts and ends in the kitchen. The key to burning fat efficiently lies in a proper diet. For starters, forget what everyone has told you about eating 3 times a day and start eating several times a day, but smaller amounts of food. By doing so, you will give your body the time it needs to digest food properly and not throw it all down in your stomach all at once. Having a nutritious meal or a snack every 2 to 3 hours will keep your sugar levels stable, will feed your body in the process and give it the necessary stream of required healthy nutrients. All of this will lead to healthier glycogen storage inside your liver, so your body won’t have to devour your muscle tissues during workouts. A great diet equals great abs.

Do not starve yourself

If your stomach starts growling, it is already too late and you are already deficient. This is due to the fact that all the healthy nutrients get dissolved and stored very fast, and if time passes by, your stomach is left with nothing in it. You need to think ahead, and always eat before the growling starts. That is why you need to establish an eating rhythm, and have 5 to 6 meals per day, to keep your stomach satisfied. If you do not have a prepared meal, consider eating anything that can pass as a proper substitution, from energy bars to bananas and coconuts. There are many supplements, such as those from Legion Athletics, which can help and motivate you in your struggle to achieve the perfect abs. It is all about knowing how to use them and to properly mix them with food. Again, abs are crafted inside of your kitchen and modified in the gym.

Abs require a lot of dedication

Working out on a daily basis is a must if you want to achieve the perfect abs, but the workout must be combined with proper food. Abs are very delicate muscles, and are very demanding and hard to breed. If you want a real deal six pack, prepare yourself for a long period of organised eating, workouts, and a constant diet. That means no processed sugars (only natural sugars from fruit and some veggies are allowed), no extra fats and no extra calories. Stomach fat is the first one to appear, since it is generated easily, and is the biggest enemy for your abs. Control what you eat, and how much of it you eat, work out every day and give it your maximum, and your abs will flourish and become an art.

Knowing your own limits will help you achieve your goals in body transformation faster. That is why you need to have a proper diet, keep eating healthy and necessary food, and stay fit and work out every day. As mentioned in the beginning, it all starts in the kitchen and most of the time, it ends in the kitchen.



Author: Mathews McGarry



 is passionate about many forms of strength training, and spent years lifting, dragging and flipping all manner of heavy objects. After graduating from 

the Faculty of Health Sciences

, he started writing about his experiences, and sha

ring tips for better life. Follow him on 



The Ultimate Guide To Recovering From A Sports Injury




If you want to stay fit and healthy, you have to exercise to achieve that goal. Staying fit might seem like hard work , but it isn’t as hard as people like to think because there are so many ways to exercise. One of the most popular is playing sports because it is fun, sociable and gets the blood pumping. There are no negatives of playing a sport for fitness, are there? Unfortunately, there are because you will get injured at some point. Whether it is a big injury or a small one, you will feel discomfort because it is part and parcel of sport. When it happens, you need to recover properly or else you will do permanent damage.


Here’s what you need to know if you feel niggles or lots of pain.


Isolate The Pain

The first thing to do is to figure out the location of the source of pain. Otherwise, you won’t know how best to treat the injury. For example, if it is a lump on your leg, you can treat it at home without worrying the doctor. Usually, bumps and bruises are impact injuries that go away over a short period. However, if it is on your back, you might want to seek medical help. Back pain is notoriously difficult to diagnose, even for the experts, so you will only do more damage.


Treat The Pain

If you feel capable, attend to the pain as soon as possible. Here’s what you need to know on a very basic level. Swellings and inflammations need extreme cold , like ice, to lower the swelling and allow the body to recover. Muscle injuries, such as strains and pulls, need extreme heat to soften the muscle and make it more flexible. The additional flexibility gives you more movement, which increases your comfort. Plus, heat also gets rid of lactic acid and increase blood flow, and oxygen, to the muscles.


Do Your Research

However, if you don’t know what you are doing, you shouldn’t treat yourself. Without the proper knowledge, you will only make the situation worse. Luckily, you can always go to Google and find out what action to take if you need help. For treatment for shoulder dislocation after sports accident to a concussion, it is all online and all readily available to read. Before you self-medicate, make sure you read the instructions.


See A Doctor

The best piece of advice is to see a doctor as soon as you feel something wrong. Only when you receive medical advice can you be certain that you will solve the issue. You should put your trust in your doctor as they have the skill and the knowledge , and the tools, to diagnose the issue and treat it to eradicate the pain.



Recovering from a sports injury comes down to one thing – rest. If you don’t allow your body time to recuperate, the problem with never cease. And, the only time your body gets to reassess is when you are off your feet.


Injuries are never nice, but they will get worse if you mismanage them.


Your Fitness Resolution Needs Feeding



Staying on top of your fitness goals is going to be a challenge. And that is exactly how you want it to be. A big part of your resolution is to face up to these. But if you had a choice making it hard or easy, which route would you take? Add in the fact that the hard route will become a real slog and lead to you quitting a few weeks down the line.

The easy choice is to make your new aspirations challenging but fun and become an essential part of the real you. Setting goals is great but unless you are eating the right foods, then all your efforts will be wasted.


Keeping Hydrated

It’s not news, but it is true. Are you drinking enough water? Ignore the odd story that drinking too much water is bad for you. It is accepted that most of us need to be drinking more. That is especially true when you start adding in runs and strenuous workouts.

It is a good idea to make your water bottle a constant companion. Water refreshes and flushes out the organs. It is vital to keep your fluid intake high. Conversely, you need to be cutting back on the cappuccino and lattes. Try and switch over to an Americano to still enjoy your caffeine fix.

A couple of days and you won’t even notice the difference. Avoid juices packed full of artificial sweeteners. Opt instead for smoothies made in your Nutribullet or liquidiser. Steer clear of energy drinks that are nothing more than sugar, caffeine and flavouring. Let natural highs be your new fix. Get out and exercise in the fresh air and feel good.



It’s not just water and fluid you are using up when you are working out, or letting the sweat steam off in your power yoga class. You are losing valuable nutrients and minerals such as potassium and magnesium. Given that some us may be getting nowhere near enough in our current diets, we should be taking supplements to make up for those deficiencies.

This is especially true when you start to increase your levels of activity. Choose a reputable supplier such as Isagenix to get a range of supplements that will help stay on top of your new regime. A supplement needs to be taken on a regular basis and not just now and again to be effective.



The magic word, so easy to say and so hard to do. There is little point in taking a hit and miss approach. Why wait until you feel tired and lousy? Processed junk food that has been wiped of all its nutrients is not going to give you anything but a feel full quick fix.

Plan a diet that is going to work for you. Download a diet chart, print it off and pin it up in your kitchen. Know in advance exactly what you are going to eat and stick to it! It’s easier to fight temptation if you have a ready supply of good food options around you. Make complex carbohydrates a regular part of every meal. Switch white pasta and rice for brown. Eat the wholemeal alternatives where you can. Allow good fats to take centre stage. Butter, olive oil, avocados and nuts. Feast on fresh vegetables and good proteins. Don’t mess with thousands of years of evolution!


Combine your diet with your supplements and drink plenty of water. Now get those running shoes on and get out there. Prepare to feel fantastic!


Staying Fit Doesn’t Have To Be Hard Work!

It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Okay, we get that because we thought the same thing when we heard the glorious news. But, after a bit of deliberation, we have come to the conclusion that it is possible. Instead of working yourself into a frenzy, you can get fit by simply milling around. If you are still a non-believer, just take a look below for more confirmation.

Trust us – you won’t want to miss the chance to maintain your health by doing the bare minimum!

Two female joggers on foggy Morro Strand State Beach, seen during a Digital Photo Walk http://photomorrobay.com/walks/ led by Mike Baird, 17 May 2009. Eighteen participants enhanced their basic camera and photography skills on this foggy morning outing. Photo by Michael "Mike" L. Baird, mike [at} mikebaird d o t com, flickr.bairdphotos.com; Canon 1D Mark III, 70-200mm f/2.8 IS, handheld, circular polarizer.

Walk Around The House

Even though it might not seem significant, walking around the house is brilliant exercise. Walking, by the way, is the best form of exercise to lose and maintain weight because it is aerobic exercise. So, by walking a couple of kilometers around the house , you can get in your daily dosage of exercise. And, you don’t even have to leave the house! A kilometer or two sounds like a lot, but it isn’t that much, especially over the course of a day. So, make sure you keep active even when you are relaxing!


Get Out Of The House

If the thought of staying in is enough to drive you mad, there is another option. You can get out the house and run a few errands. Getting out of the house, funnily enough, works in the same way as walking around the house as you get your exercise by taking small steps. Instead of driving everywhere, start walking instead. The next time you have to go to the supermarket or pop down to the post office, you can fit in your daily amount of exercise by not taking the care. It is all about staying active. Any method that keeps the blood pumping is effective.


Go For A Nice Bike Ride

If you watch the Tour de France, you will know that cycling is an intense sport that challenges every sinew. You will also know that you don’t want to exercise to that degree because it looks like it is painful! Thankfully, not all cycling is as intense and as gut-wrenching as the Tour de France. A nice, casual ride around town on a pleasant afternoon is as healthy as it is enjoyable. For a comfortable ride, check out a variety of Shinola bikes . They are designed for this purpose and are a great way to enjoy the outdoors.


Stop Believing You Are Too Busy

From our point of view, you are never too busy to exercise . What you are thinking is that you need to run a half marathon or go on a ten-kilometer bike ride to keep fit. The reality is that you don’t need to do lots of exercise in one session as long as you do small amounts of the course of the week. The wrong mental attitude will prevent you from doing any form of exercise, most of which is enough to keep your body ticking over.

So, there you have it – maintaining your health and fitness doesn’t have to be hard work if you follow these principles.


Make Your New Year’s Resolution a Killer Body!

Many people will be making their New Year’s resolutions come January 1st. But you might already have given some thought to what you want your New Year’s resolution to be. A lot of people choose to cut out the booze, or give up red meat. But you might feel like you want to set your goals a little higher than giving up food or stopping swearing.


Why not look to the future, and set a resolution to get yourself a killer body. It might take a bit of time, but it’s an excellent resolution to have. Yes, if you must you can always indulge a little more at Christmas to make up for it! But once January hits you need to have your game face on, and do everything you can to get yourself into perfect physical condition .


Ditch the Junk Food

Now, if you’re serious about getting a great body, you’re going to need to cut down on the junk food . That means no snacking on crisps in the evening. It means you’ve got to avoid those takeaways on a Saturday night! Strictly healthy and nutritious foods for you from now on! At least for the time being. Yes, this is going to be a killer to begin with, but that’s the way it’s got to be, unfortunately. Junk food is your biggest enemy when you’re trying to get the perfect figure. So ditch it, and start getting serious!


Weight Yourself Every Day

When you’ve set yourself a goal and a target you need to keep track of your progress. It’s important for motivation and determination to know how well you’re doing. That’s why it’s a good idea to weigh yourself every day. You may even want to keep a record of your weight written down so you can chart your progress. This is an easy way to see how well you’re doing and figure out if you need to be stricter and more disciplined.


Use Supplements

This is your goal so you can use any means necessary to help you, as long as it’s legal of course. You need to have a look at what’s on the market and decide on the best supplements to use. If you check out besttestosteroneboosteronthemarket.com/testofuel-reviews/ you can read up about their Testofuel compound. This is exactly the kind of product you should think about using to help develop your body. You want something that will work alongside your body’s natural functioning. It will give you the extra boost you need to build a killer body.


Ab Belt

You’ve seen them on adverts and in shops, and now it’s time to get using! Visit slendertone.com/en-us/ and buy an ab belt and use it to help tone and shape the perfect abs. Of course, you’ll have to exercise as well if you want to see the effects. But, there’s no reasons why an ab belt should work wonders at helping your body evolve and grow over time. Pick one of these up as an excellent way to work out when you’re not working out!


As a New Year’s resolution building a killer body is one of the best. It helps keep you healthy and works on improving your life. But, at the same time, it can also save you money, and it helps you achieve something. Now you’re equipped with advice to make sure you go forth and complete your resolution!



3 Unusual Things Getting In The Way Of Your Fitness Goals


burdihan3 (1)

It’s common for someone to get a bit down about their appearance. Try as you might, you can’t seem to achieve your fitness goals . Perhaps there’s something holding you back? Check out three reasons why you might be struggling to achieve your goals:


Lack Of Sleep

This is something that will affect nearly everyone reading this article. Especially if you’re a mother! Not getting enough sleep is extremely common. We’ve all got personal reasons as to why we don’t get as much sleep as we should. The bottom line is, lots of us aren’t getting enough sleep each night.

But, what does sleep have to do with your fitness goals? Lack of sleep will make you tired. If you’re tired, you won’t have high energy levels. This means you won’t be able fitto exercise to your full ability. Keep up this cycle of not sleeping and then trying to exercise and you’ll end up running on empty. So, you have to try and find ways to get as much sleep as possible at night!


Alcohol Addiction

It’s not surprising that alcohol addiction can prevent you from achieving your fitness goals. What is surprising is that many people suffer from addiction without even knowing it. They think they’re fine and drink as much as anyone else. But, what’s really happening is they’re fighting addiction to alcohol. When you’re addicted to alcohol, you can become dangerously thin and very unfit. It doesn’t put you in a very healthy position. As Sanford House notes, it’s important that you can identify the signs of addiction in yourself. Only then can you start your path to recovery. The biggest telltale sign of addiction is if you drink to feel better about something. Using alcohol to mask any physical or emotional pain is a sure fire way to get addicted!

If you’re not achieving your fitness goals and do like to have a drink or two, take a look at yourself. Consider if you’re drinking a normal amount or if you’re going overboard. You may find out you have an addiction before it starts to get ahold of your life. You can get help and be healthy again!

Bad Diet

Anyone that’s into health and fitness will tell you how important nutrition is. If you want to see results, you’ve got to be eating right. How do you eat right? You make changes to your diet, so it’s healthy and balanced . You can go on a diet too if you want. But, make sure the diet is a legitimate diet. By that I mean, make sure you still get to eat food.

Some people think that dieting means you have tiny meals and eat very little every day. This is not the case. A good diet can have you eating three meals a day, just as long as they’re healthy! Your body needs all the good stuff inside it to help you burn fat and get into shape.

After reading this, you may have realised one of these points applies to you! It’s okay, just make sure you fix it and you’ll soon see results.


The Essential Guide To Running A Sports Team Effectively

111202-N-FC065-001 NEWPORT, R.I. (Dec. 2, 2011) Cmdr. Bill Mallory tries for more yards after a reception during a flag football game celebrating the annual Army-Navy football game. The Navy students at the U.S. Naval War College won the game 33-12. (U.S. Navy photo by James E. Brooks/Released)

NEWPORT, R.I. (Dec. 2, 2011) Cmdr. Bill Mallory tries for more yards after a reception during a flag football game celebrating the annual Army-Navy football game. The Navy students at the U.S. Naval War College won the game 33-12. (U.S. Navy photo by James E. Brooks/Released)

Organised sport plays a vital role in the lives of millions. Not only is it a great way to stay in shape, but it’s also one of the best forms of social entertainment imaginable.

However, running a successful sports team does require hard work. Success isn’t defined by winning, although it does help, but rather by the fact everyone is enjoying their activities. With good planning and preparation, there’s no reason your team can’t squeeze out every last drop of fun.

Whether you are playing with your friends or organising on behalf of your children doesn’t matter. Follow these tips, and you won’t go far wrong.


Ensure Facilities Are Up To Scratch

As an athlete in any sport, the main desire is to have a chance to play. There is nothing more frustrating than having training or matches cancelled due to poor facilities.

Adverse weather conditions can be one of the biggest problems. However, Hydraway drainage systems can be used to protect a variety of different sporting surfaces. This can increase playing time, which is ultimately the main ingredient of running a successful team.

Besides, the last thing that anyone wants to encounter is the need for regular and expensive maintenance work. Ensuring that you’ve got the best facilities now will be a fantastic investment for the future.


Promote Good General Fitness

Winning isn’t everything, but it is the team’s goal. In most sporting activities, fitness plays an integral role. So promoting good general fitness is a must.

Of course, you’ll want the bulk of your training to be focused on your individual sport. However, taking on a varied routine of exercises can keep it fun. Moreover, many of those activities can be a great tool for team bonding.

If nothing else, getting fit together is more fun than hitting the gym alone. It’s a positive step for the team, and it’s individual members.


Invest In Decent Kit

When we look the part, we feel the part too. It might seem like a small feature, but having a cool uniform can make a vast difference.

It cements those sentiments that you are a united family. If you are running a kids’ team, it also removes the potential issues of varying financial background.

Besides, a comfortable kit can actively boost your level of performance.


Make It Social

Being a part of a sports team isn’t just about competing. It’s a crucial part of your identity. Therefore, you should look to embrace these factors.

Arranging group activities outside of the sport can develop much better relationships. This can be particularly useful when running a child’s team. After all, not all kids find it easy to make friends. Moreover, rewarding every member of the squad with a trophy is a great way to boost morale and show appreciation for their work.

Meanwhile, you should also open your arms to non-playing members such as parents or partners of adult players. Make it one big family, and you’ll gain far more enjoyment from the cause.