Extrinsic Motivation: Why A Trophy Could Be The Key To Your Fitness

Any man that is looking to get fitter will try a host of different tactics. If you know about the ‘ wisdom of crowds ’, you will know that this is a good idea. In fact, the abstract methods that you come across are sometimes the best ones. Although they aren’t conventional, they tend to work. Take a trophy as an example. A simple trophy could be the difference between failing and reaching your goals. If you don’t believe that, take a look at the following. These reasons are why trophies are good for your fitness.


Gives You A Concrete Goal

Lots of you will think that you don’t need a trophy because you can fix a goal in your head. All you have to do then is keep it in your mind’s eye. That is all well and good if you can achieve your goal through that method. Most people can’t because they need something concrete to help them through the process. When they see a trophy, they also see a symbol of what they want to achieve in the future. If you are like this, it will give you a boost to continue the routine.


Makes It Worth Your While

As a human being, you are wired to enjoy extrinsic rewards. That is why everyone loves a pat on the back because it is a sign that other people notice your commitment. The same goes for a trophy. In fact, a trophy is the ultimate symbol of your hard work. You will see the effect even if you buy cheap club trophies and award them to yourself. People might find that sad, but it works. Never underestimate how much harder you will work for an award. After all, incentives are how companies make employees go the extra mile.


Reminds You Of Your Progress

When you can almost touch an award, you can look back at your journey. You can see that you have come a long way from where you started, and that is essential. If you can’t quantify your success, you will lose faith. And, before long, you will start to fall back into old habits. A trophy stops this from happening. It also helps you continue your work after you reach your goals. Too many men decide that they won’t carry on their good work. The hardest step is maintaining your fitness after you afterwards. Your trophy will remind you of everything you did to get there, and that will help you stay on track.


Makes It More Competitive

Everyone reacts better when there is an element of competition. Again, it is human nature to want to win and beat other people. Trying to get someone to compete with you is much easier when you have a trophy. The novelty of it makes people want to join in against their better judgement. From your point of view, you have someone to push you along. And, that is vital. Working towards a goal on your own is difficult work.




Doing it with a partner is much easier.


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