Ultimate Guide To An Awesome Guy’s Night In

If it’s been a while since all the lads have been together, why not put together a great guy’s night? You can host it at your place, and make sure you’re all entertained without having to worry about cabs. It doesn’t take too much planning or organisation to pull off an incredible night with the guys. But if you’re still struggling for some inspiration, try out this ultimate guide to an awesome guy’s night in:



If you’re looking for something a little different, why not pick a theme? Perhaps you can coincide it with a big movie release? You don’t have to go all out with a full costume party, but it can be fun to try out a few props or grab a slogan tee to wear. If you check out your local party store, you may even find a few fun toys and gift bag goodies to entertain the lads with while they’re there. Snacks can also be themed. Sci-fi goodies merely need a great name and a little food dye if you’re making them from scratch.



No lad’s night is complete without an incredible movie to watch. Pull out the recliner seats, and get a huge bucket of popcorn popping. You’ll also need plenty of sweets and candies to keep everyone happy. If you don’t fancy ordering a pizza in, why not make your own? That way you’re not limited to size or toppings. You can easily make a half and half to suit all appetites. Some movie streaming services offer a lot of extra movie trivia for you to enjoy as you watch the movie. Why not get a head start on the guys and create a movie quiz?





Even if you’re taking extra care of yourself these days, you might still fancy a night off the diet. This can include booze too. While you may prefer alcohol-free options, you can still buy everything else you need from an online liquor store . Having it delivered also saves you the hassle of having to drag it home from the shop! Best of all, you’ll find more choices for everyone there too. Make sure you’ve got plenty of glasses available too. And if you’re whipping up cocktails, grab yourself a great recipe book too.




So pizza and movie sound lame, huh? Why not get yourselves signed up for a multinational multiplayer gaming competition ? If you have enough controllers all of you can take part as a team. Of course, you might be keen to bring some more exotic entertainment in. Dancers or a band can be booked to perform at your house. It could be just the thing to make this guy’s night in the most awesome one you’ve ever hosted. For something a little more mellow, you can order a chef and waiter to serve you and incredible meal in your home. Gourmet cuisine anyone?


A guy’s night in can be many things. It can be informal and lazy, or it can be the most incredible night you’ve all had for a long time. How was your last night in?


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