5 Fabulous Ways To Getting Fitter

Most of us would love to be fitter than we are. We want to be stronger, faster and have more stamina. Becoming more flexible and having the energy to keep going through the toughest of days is certainly something I’m keen for!

The trouble is, there are so many barriers to fitness. Time is a big factor for me. I never have enough of it. Energy to get up and move is another barrier to overcome. And excess weight gets in the way of us moving the way we want to comfortably too. Here are my top 5 ways to get fitter for this season:


1. Boot Camp – If you know you’re going to hate getting started so much you might give up, then head to boot camp. You can click here for a range of different options. Boot camp sets up exercises that will improve your strength, stamina and speed. The best thing is the intensity. Commit a weekend, or even a week to it to give you the best start you need for getting fit again.



2. Running – Lots of people are making the most of the drier weather and heading out to pound the streets. It’s free, and it’s open twenty-four hours a day. There is nobody there to judge you or stare at your wobbly bits either. But do invest in a good quality pair of running shoes . An early injury or strain could put you off forever. Start with intervals and gradually build up your distance. Three times a week is plenty.


3. Yoga – Yoga may seem like gentle stretching, but it can improve your flexibility and stamina significantly. Best of all, it can provide really good energy boosts just when you need it. Yoga is great on its own but enhances your performance across all other activities and sports too. Head to your local Yoga class a couple of times a week to see rapid improvements.



4. Diet – Your diet and water intake are key to the success of any fitness programme. Your diet needs to provide you with all the energy you need to get started and keep going. Fresh produce is the easiest to digest, meaning it’s nutritional benefits can be felt the quickest. Eat a varied diet that keeps refined sugars and artificial sweeteners to a minimum as per my 80/20 rule. This can help you to slim down quickly, making exercise even easier.



5. Stop Driving – Your lifestyle could be slowing down your progress. Walk twice a day for half an hour to see improvements to your energy levels and your sleep quality. It burns off calories to help with weight loss and increases your fitness in a gentle way. Give up car journeys of less than two miles. Why not restrict TV viewing to one hour a day and get moving with housework or gardening?


We can all be fitter than we are with just a few simple changes. Of course, sometimes we need a kick start to get us going. See what you can do to day to improve your fitness for life.



How To Get More From Your Workouts


Even if your workouts are primarily focused on staying healthy, we all want to get the best results from our activities. We’re all guilty of a little narcissism, and a better body image is one of the best ways to feed it.

If nothing else, getting more from workouts will allow you to push your level of performance to the next stage. Growth, whether physically or mentally, is important to us all. Continuing yours with improved results is a must.

Here are four simple tips to ensure you reach your full potential. Embrace them now, and you’ll never look back.


Mix It Up

One of the main reasons that many gym-goers only see limited results is that their bodies have adapted to their workouts. Switching to different training programs could be the key to reaching your full potential.

It’s accepted that high-intensity interval training programs are the best way to kick your body into overdrive. Meanwhile, you could try your hand at various sports to work different muscle groups each day.

Variety is the spice of life. If nothing else, it should make physical activity more fun. In turn, this will give you a much better chance of sticking at it.


Prepare For Workout

The quality of your workout can be impacted long before you enter the gym. It’s imperative that the hours leading up to it are positive.

There are many factors to consider during your preparations . Getting these steps right will put you in a better position to get the most from your workouts. Quite frankly, you owe it to yourself to do this. After all, what’s the point in spending time and energy in the gym if it isn’t being used effectively?

Moreover, getting into good habits should make a positive impression on other areas of your life too.




Improve Nutrition

Getting the most from your gym time is only part of the battle. To get the best results, it’s vital that your exercise program is backed up with the right nutrition.

Staying hydrated is crucial, and you should be drinking well over the guided 2litres to compensate for water lost during workouts. Meanwhile, natural protein powder can give your body the nutrients it needs to fulfil its potential.

Exercise and diet go hand in hand. There’s no point in doing one without the other, so make sure yours are on point.



After a workout, your body needs time to recuperate. Otherwise, you will be limiting the progress it makes. Besides, good rest will leave you poised for tomorrow.

Professional athletes often use ice baths to aid recovery. You can use a cold shower. More importantly, though, you must take the necessary precautions to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep . Missing out on just one hour could seriously harm your gains, as well as your general alertness and well-being.

It’s unlikely that many of you need an excuse to spend more time snoozing. But your bid for better results does rely heavily on the resting periods. Don’t miss out.


Getting Ready for Your Workout: What You Should Know

When you go to work out, you want to be sure that you’re ready for it. If you go to work out and you’re head isn’t in it, you won’t get very much out of it. Here’s what you should know about getting ready for your workout to get the best results:


Coffee Can Help You to Focus

If you want to be laser focused for your workout, sink a black coffee before you go. Don’t like black coffee? Get used to it. You can take a pre-workout, but if you’re not used to it you might be a bit sensitive to it and begin to feel a little ill. Drinking coffee with milk and sugar will still make you alert, but you don’t really want to consume milk and sugar right before a workout. You’ll soon get used to drinking black coffee. Don’t forget to take other supplements you think will help you with your coffee. You can find everything you need with companies like Wicked NRG , so you know you’re fueling your workout the right way.


You Should Base Your Last Meal on the Workout You’re Doing

Let’s say you’re going to the gym and you plan on using heavy weights to train your legs. Have your meal about 30 minutes to an hour before you go, and include healthy proteins and a small amount of carbs. This will give you the energy needed for your workout. If you’re going to do a HIIT session or a steady session on the treadmill, you can leave longer after your last meal to help target your fat stores more effectively. If you eat right before running, you’ll only burn the calories you just ate, rather than tapping into fat stores.




An Upbeat Playlist Will Make You Work Harder

It’s been proven that listening to an upbeat playlist will make you work harder . Make sure you include songs 120 beats per minute or over. Your speed should then match this naturally as you work out.


Taking a Plan Gives You More of a Chance of Success

If you go into the gym without a plan, you are less likely to stick to it and see results. If you go with a plan that you enjoy, you can measure your results week on week and are so much more likely to see great results.


The Right Clothes Are Important

You’ll feel way more enthusiastic about your workout when you’re wearing the right clothes . Your clothes should be suited to the workout you’re doing, but they should also be clothes you enjoy wearing. For instance, people usually like to wear really loose fitting clothes for yoga, while lifting will require tighter clothing to avoid getting it caught. There are so many options for nice workout clothing these days, you have no excuse!


Use these tips to prepare for your workout and you’ll get so much more out of it. Remember, working out should be fun. Don’t think of it as a chore or you won’t stick to it!


6 Cheap Ways to Keep Fit

Expensive gym membership. Expensive sports equipment. Lack of time. Lack of motivation. What is your excuse for not keeping fit ? If you care about your health, stop making excuses! Exercise needn’t cost a penny. And even a few extra steps a day will go a long way to making your look, and feel, better.




A sprint across open parkland. Or a gentle jog around the local streets. Running is a free leisure pursuit to get you fit. Invest in a good pair of running shoes like Asics Runners and you’re ready for the starting pistol. Join your local running club. Share your new pastime with others to aid motivation.




Bradley Wiggins’ victory ignited a cycling frenzy across the nation. So dust off that bike in the garage and get pedaling!

New bikes aren’t cheap. But there are plenty of other options if your budget is tight. Have a look online for a second-hand one. Or contemplate bike hire instead. City centres have these dotted around to help visitors explore the sites at speed. Or local country parks often hire them out too.




Swimming works all your muscles and provides a hearty workout. If you live near to the coast, swimming is a free activity. Hit the beach in the summertime when the water is inviting. In the winter, join your local swimming baths to do a few lengths indoors. Swimming in the sea or lakes is a dangerous endeavour for the uninitiated. Take care if you choose to seek a natural water source for your sport.





That’s for little girls, right? Wrong! Boxers use skipping as part of their training regime. It’s a great way to keep fit. For a small initial outlay, you will see a great return in terms of fitness levels. Increase your repetitions and speed as your fitness increases. Be inventive and use different skipping techniques to work those muscles and get the blood flowing.




Walking is free. Simple. So why don’t more of us capitalise on this? With public footpaths stretching miles and miles across towns, cities and villages, there is no excuse. Get hold of a pedometer to get a true account of just how many steps you are taking. Walking is easy to introduce as part of your daily routine. So there is no excuse to sit idle!




Hiking takes endurance and stamina. It requires a good level of fitness too. So don’t jump into it before your body, and mind, are fully prepared. When you feel ready, up your game from easy walking to hiking or fell walking instead. Walking up steep inclines and on uneven ground tests different muscle groups than a stroll in the park. It also necessitates extra support equipment such as sturdy walking boots and walking poles. Walking tricky routes requires a sensible head and respect for the surroundings. Go prepared and enjoy the beauty of Britain’s peaks.


Don’t run before you can walk. Build up your fitness levels gradually until exercise becomes a pleasure rather than a chore.

Great Christmas Gifts For Fitness Fanatics



Whether you are looking for a gift for the fitness fanatic in your life or need some ideas to pass subtly on to those buying you presents, read on. We’ve pulled together some of the best gifts going for lovers of keeping fit . Check them out and see what you think.



These exercise cards are a great stocking-filler, and one that is sure to go down well with folks wanting to shift a few pounds in the new year. There are plenty of options available, from combat sports exercises to dumbbell workouts. There is something for everyone here. It only takes a few different packs to give your loved one an enormous array of exercises for full body fitness.



The premise of these awesome dice is simple. You roll them, and you get a complete CrossFit workout that will push you to your limits. One dice tells you how long you need to go for while another tells you the number and type of movement you should make. The third gives you bodyweight exercises, and the fourth gives you weights workouts. Dice number five offers mono structural determination – I don’t know what that is, but it sounds nasty. And the final dice gives you the number of reps you have to do. Think your loved one can handle the gamble? WOD Dice is only available in the States right now, so order them into the UK with plenty of time to spare if you want them for Christmas.


Ski Instructor Training

If your loved one loves skiing, then why not send them away for this fun and fitness-filled holiday? The Alltracks ski instructor course will keep them on their toes, with ski training for four consecutive days. It might even open up a new career opportunity for them, as once they pass they might be good enough to teach. And that, of course, means that you will be able to enjoy free skiing lessons for the rest of your life!


Heston Blumenthal Nutri Juicer

Of course, one of the most important parts of a staying super fit is by consuming super foods. So, why not think about the Sage’s Nutri Juicer by Heston Blumenthal. It promises to juice up your fruit and vegetables in a matter of seconds and has multiple speed control and an easy clean system. Check it out over at John Lewis .


Withings Smart Body Analyzer

Fitness is also about knowing how your body is working, too. So, try the Smart Body Analyzer from Withings . Well, I say scales- but they are so much more. It takes your weight measurements, body composition, heart rate, and will even record the air quality in your room. If that’s not all, it also links up with a smartphone app so you can track your progress as you go on.


Well, I hope you have enjoyed some of these gift ideas for the fitness fanatic in your life. It’s still a little early for Christmas – but great planning has always been part of a great fitness regime, right?


Want To Reach The Best Shape Of Your Life In 2016?

The year might not be over yet, but I bet there are millions of blokes out there that are already thinking about how they can improve their lives in 2016. In most cases, getting fitter will be one of the top priorities.

Rather than waiting until January 1st to start your training, why not get a head start now. If you begin the transformation today, you’ll enter 2016 in a much better position. From there, it’s up to you how far you want to push it.

Here are some essential tips to get yourself started. Carry them into 2016, and there’s no reason it can’t become your year.



Set Yourself Realistic Goals

One of the main reasons that people tend to throw in the towel is that they set unrealistic expectations. Just because an internet advert has told you that you can lose 2st of fat in 20 minutes, it doesn’t mean it’s true.

Far too many people expect to see significant weight loss and huge muscle gains after just a few sessions. Changing your body requires long-term dedication. Besides, it can take weeks for other people to notice the difference.

In those early weeks, don’t be concerned about seeing improvements on the scales. Your sole aim should be to see an increase in fitness.


Make Fitness More Social

Physical activity is great for the body. However, exercise should be fun too. If you don’t enjoy pounding the treadmill, it might be time to team up with your mates to rediscover the enjoyment of sport.

Setting up your own team is a great way to give yourself an extra incentive while staying in regular contact with friends too. And don’t’ be afraid to celebrate your achievement with Premier Trophies’ football trophies either.

Making sport competitive and fun will help you gain much better results without even thinking about it.


Don’t Forget Nutrition

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to cut fat or pack on muscle. Your body is a machine. If you don’t fuel it with the right foods, you’ll never reach your fitness goals.



As well as eating healthy foods, you can take supplements to give your body the boost it needs. These products are manufactured solely to help you gain the best results. Finding the best ones for you could be the difference between hitting your targets and not.

Furthermore, you should be sure to drink lots of water. Good hydration is important at all times, but especially when pushing your body to physical limits.


Mix It Up

Make no mistake, any exercise is better than none. However, the body is very quick to get used to your monotonous routines. If you want to see the best results, you’ve got to kick your body into shape by trying new activities and cycling them on a regular basis.

Keeping your body on its toes will make a significant difference. There are hundreds of different workout routines online. Alternatively, you could mix things up simply by going for a swim.

In addition to gaining better results, the variety should make exercise more fun. What more incentive do you need?




Holiday Recovery: How to get back on track after a Summer Party Holiday

Man weightlifting

Between holiday meals, parties, and bad weather, it’s easy to fall off the healthy-living-gym wagon. While a little indulging every now and again won’t make or break your diet, you can usually tell when you’ve gone a little overboard, and after two weeks in Thailand, I certainly feel like I have…

Here are my 6 Tips to help get back on track after any holiday, especially one, where the your bodily organs may have taken more of a battering than normal!

  1. Hydrate! Whether you need to re-hydrate after a night with too much champagne, or you’ve just been eating a lot of sodium, drinking water will help get you back at a good starting point.
  2. Redefine your goals. If you’re planning to start a new workout regimen, or are just picking things back up after a slow season, now is a great time to take a look at what your goals are and reset them if needed. Look at starting back with some strength training, I recommend StrongLifes 5X5.
  3. Stock your fridge with healthy foods. Stock up on fruits, veg, eggs, proteins and other healthy foods you love to reduce the temptation to continue with cheat meals.
  4. Get moving. Maybe you’re not up for it today, but get back into your desired workout routine as quickly as possible. It’s easy to say “tomorrow,” so don’t let that happen!
  5. Get enough sleep. Sleep is an important part of any training regime.
  6. Know Which Carbs to Avoid. No more ‘bad carbs’ like white flour, refined grains, and added sugars.”


Our MyProtein Picks for those always on the run

MyProtein have been around for 10 years now, and are well established as one of the top online supplement Brands in the UK. They offer next day delivery, and have more than 350 products, so you can get everything you need with them online. Everyone seems to be increasingly busy, and this can lead you to neglect your diet and training regime. We’ve taken a look at our top 3 picks to help you stay on the straight and narrow, even when on the go.

These Pro Milk 50 RTD ready made protein shakes are perfect for in the mornings. If you’re anything like me then you know the importance of every extra minute in bed, so having these in the fridge is really handy for when you’re running late – every morning in my case. I usually take it post-workout too, which makes it easier for me to drink my protein as I don’t have to struggle with mixing my protein powder with liquid while on the run. It’s delicious, well priced and available in Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla & Banana. Order some here.

shake shake stw
I’m always on the run, so prepping my meals is often a pain. With protein meals though, I can just order the ones I like and I know that they will fit my macros and feed me properly without tons of chemicals or preservatives. I tried the Moroccan Chicken, which was really tasty and easy to prepare, in the microwave. Check these out here.

morocon chicken 2 morocon chicken

MyProtein have definitely pulled it out of the bag with their variety of BCAA flavours, including; Berry blast, Raspberry Lemonade, Orange. I used to have a lot of difficulty in taking my BCAAs, since those I tried always have a sandy taste, but the MyProtein BCAAs mix in the water perfectly and taste excellent! I can already see a big difference in my muscle definition, after using this for the last month. Check out the other flavours here.

Thank you My Protein!