Get Fit and Stay Fit: What to Do

There’s no point getting fit if you don’t plan on staying fit. Not only staying fit; but getting even fitter! Do you want to be the absolute best version of yourself? Here’s what to do if you want to get fit and stay fit.


Change Your Attitude

Firstly, change your attitude . I’m assuming your attitude is one of, ‘I hate my body’, rather than, ‘I love my body’. If you do love yourself, then ignore this part. However, the majority of people really do have the mentality of hating themselves and their bodies. You need to change your attitude if this is going to work. Practice some self love and you’ll be much more likely to feel positive about this new fitness routine you’ve got going on.


Find a Style of Exercise You Enjoy

You need to enjoy the style of exercise you’re doing, or you’re not going to stick to it. The only way to create a sustainable fitness plan, is to find a form you enjoy. Don’t forget to mix it up from time to time too, if you want to break through plateaus and see real results.


Get Some 1-2-1 Help

Maybe you don’t feel confident or comfortable in a gym. You might just need some 1-2-1 help to assure you that you’re doing it right and to give you some tips. Personal trainers might be expensive, but they’re worth it when they help you to change your mindset and pass healthy habits on to you. Find out more about what you could be doing with 1-2-1 help here.


Make Sure Your Diet is On Point

You’ll never get the results you want if your diet isn’t on point. You need to have your diet sorted before anything else. Your relationship with food has a direct correlation with the results you get. Calories do count on the weekend. Liquid calories count too. Yes, that piece of cake will make a difference. You can have treats, but they need to be in moderation. If you want to be sure you get results, you need to track your food. Not just your calories, but what you’re putting into your body! Whether you’re trying to lose fat or pack on muscle, your diet is a very important element to your success.



Accept You’ll Have Setbacks

Everybody has setbacks. No journey is ever smooth and hassle free. You’ll take lots of steps forward and a few back. The key is to avoid letting them hold you back further and get straight back on the straight and narrow. The more consistent you are, the better your results. This is not a short term thing. If you’re doing this and you want to stay fit, you need to be committed to doing it for life.


Enjoy the Journey!

Enjoy yourself. Enjoy watching your body change. Enjoy watching yourself get stronger and faster. The more you enjoy it, the better you’ll get.


That’s how you get fit and stay fit. Just keep going. If you believe you can do it, you’re already halfway there.

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