A Man’s Guide to Lookng Sharp on All Occasions

People say it is easy to be a bloke. It doesn’t take much to style our hair, and it is really easy to get dressed quickly. That’s not always true; men still want to look sharp and can put a lot of effort into what they wear. If you want a little direction in how to dress for all occasions, check out this guide.



Depending on your industry there will be certain guidelines you have to stick to at work. If you work in a professional job, the chances are you have to wear a suit to work. Most people think that that means it is easy to get dressed every morning. It is easy in so far as you know you need a suit, shirt and tie, but there is more to consider than just that. Firstly, when you buy a suit, you should always make sure it is tailored properly. This can be the difference between you looking like a true professional versus a school boy! Secondly, to stand out a bit from everyone else in the office, invest in a beautiful pair of shoes. Brown shoes work amazingly with a blue suit. Think next about your shirt and tie. Don’t go too crazy and wear a really garish tie. Instead, try to find a tie and shirt combination that work really work together.

If you work in a more creative job, you may prefer the smart casual look. It is all about finding the perfect combination of casual clothes with smarter statement pieces. Try dressing up jeans or chinos with a shirt, knitted jumper and blazer. Turtle-necked sweaters add a bit of class to an otherwise dressed down look.




If you work in an environment where a suit is expected, when the weekend rolls around guaranteed you will want to step as far away as you can from your suit. Fashions are ever changing, so the important thing to do is to find a look that suits your personality and your style. Think about how long you are going to be out for and where you are going. If you need an outfit during the day that can then be turned into something suitable for a bar in the evening, be sure to bear this in mind. Swap t-shirts for a polo shirt and invest in some shoes other than trainers.



Ok, when you are at the gym it isn’t necessarily about style. You are much more likely to be thinking about getting fit and staying comfortable. A stylish sports shirt with versatile shorts and trendy trainers are the perfect gym ensemble. Don’t forget to invest in a pair of comfortable underpants too like Jockey underwear .


Going Out

When you go out to a club, a bar or on a date, you know you want to look your best. Check the dress code before you go anywhere. You don’t want to be the guy who is turned away for wearing trainers. Have some smart jeans like a pair of Levis that you only use when you are going out. If you have been going to the gym lately, pair your jeans with a slim-fitting shirt, or a fitted tee that shows off your body. And finally, add some accessories like a statement watch.


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