5 Fabulous Ways To Getting Fitter

Most of us would love to be fitter than we are. We want to be stronger, faster and have more stamina. Becoming more flexible and having the energy to keep going through the toughest of days is certainly something I’m keen for!

The trouble is, there are so many barriers to fitness. Time is a big factor for me. I never have enough of it. Energy to get up and move is another barrier to overcome. And excess weight gets in the way of us moving the way we want to comfortably too. Here are my top 5 ways to get fitter for this season:


1. Boot Camp – If you know you’re going to hate getting started so much you might give up, then head to boot camp. You can click here for a range of different options. Boot camp sets up exercises that will improve your strength, stamina and speed. The best thing is the intensity. Commit a weekend, or even a week to it to give you the best start you need for getting fit again.



2. Running – Lots of people are making the most of the drier weather and heading out to pound the streets. It’s free, and it’s open twenty-four hours a day. There is nobody there to judge you or stare at your wobbly bits either. But do invest in a good quality pair of running shoes . An early injury or strain could put you off forever. Start with intervals and gradually build up your distance. Three times a week is plenty.


3. Yoga – Yoga may seem like gentle stretching, but it can improve your flexibility and stamina significantly. Best of all, it can provide really good energy boosts just when you need it. Yoga is great on its own but enhances your performance across all other activities and sports too. Head to your local Yoga class a couple of times a week to see rapid improvements.



4. Diet – Your diet and water intake are key to the success of any fitness programme. Your diet needs to provide you with all the energy you need to get started and keep going. Fresh produce is the easiest to digest, meaning it’s nutritional benefits can be felt the quickest. Eat a varied diet that keeps refined sugars and artificial sweeteners to a minimum as per my 80/20 rule. This can help you to slim down quickly, making exercise even easier.



5. Stop Driving – Your lifestyle could be slowing down your progress. Walk twice a day for half an hour to see improvements to your energy levels and your sleep quality. It burns off calories to help with weight loss and increases your fitness in a gentle way. Give up car journeys of less than two miles. Why not restrict TV viewing to one hour a day and get moving with housework or gardening?


We can all be fitter than we are with just a few simple changes. Of course, sometimes we need a kick start to get us going. See what you can do to day to improve your fitness for life.



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