Want To Reach The Best Shape Of Your Life In 2016?

The year might not be over yet, but I bet there are millions of blokes out there that are already thinking about how they can improve their lives in 2016. In most cases, getting fitter will be one of the top priorities.

Rather than waiting until January 1st to start your training, why not get a head start now. If you begin the transformation today, you’ll enter 2016 in a much better position. From there, it’s up to you how far you want to push it.

Here are some essential tips to get yourself started. Carry them into 2016, and there’s no reason it can’t become your year.



Set Yourself Realistic Goals

One of the main reasons that people tend to throw in the towel is that they set unrealistic expectations. Just because an internet advert has told you that you can lose 2st of fat in 20 minutes, it doesn’t mean it’s true.

Far too many people expect to see significant weight loss and huge muscle gains after just a few sessions. Changing your body requires long-term dedication. Besides, it can take weeks for other people to notice the difference.

In those early weeks, don’t be concerned about seeing improvements on the scales. Your sole aim should be to see an increase in fitness.


Make Fitness More Social

Physical activity is great for the body. However, exercise should be fun too. If you don’t enjoy pounding the treadmill, it might be time to team up with your mates to rediscover the enjoyment of sport.

Setting up your own team is a great way to give yourself an extra incentive while staying in regular contact with friends too. And don’t’ be afraid to celebrate your achievement with Premier Trophies’ football trophies either.

Making sport competitive and fun will help you gain much better results without even thinking about it.


Don’t Forget Nutrition

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to cut fat or pack on muscle. Your body is a machine. If you don’t fuel it with the right foods, you’ll never reach your fitness goals.



As well as eating healthy foods, you can take supplements to give your body the boost it needs. These products are manufactured solely to help you gain the best results. Finding the best ones for you could be the difference between hitting your targets and not.

Furthermore, you should be sure to drink lots of water. Good hydration is important at all times, but especially when pushing your body to physical limits.


Mix It Up

Make no mistake, any exercise is better than none. However, the body is very quick to get used to your monotonous routines. If you want to see the best results, you’ve got to kick your body into shape by trying new activities and cycling them on a regular basis.

Keeping your body on its toes will make a significant difference. There are hundreds of different workout routines online. Alternatively, you could mix things up simply by going for a swim.

In addition to gaining better results, the variety should make exercise more fun. What more incentive do you need?




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