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If you don’t already have a few classic white button ups in your closet, why the hell not? Button up shirts are some of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can own. They can be worn professionally, casually, semi-formally, or honestly anywhere else you would need to go except for the swimming pool. Those looking to update their wardrobe should check out the fantastic Guide London long sleeve collection.

My favourite pick would be the long sleeve white slim silhouette shirt. In my opinion, you can never have enough white shirts!

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Available in a range of colours ?


This shirt is just £55, and worth every penny! Comfortable fabrics that don’t shrink in the wash make it easy to maintain, which is crucial for ensuring you’ve always got a clean shirt for work. All-white stitching and details create an eye-catching presentation that people around you won’t easily miss.

Some of the advantages of this shirt:

  • Modern, slim-fitting silhouette style
  • Comfortable stretch fabrics
  • Versatile wearability for all occasions.



When you’ve got great button ups like this in your closet, you have options. For a casual meet ups with your friends there’s the easy option of throwing on a pair of jeans, this shirt, and shoes of any type to match the destination.

Heading to a bar or dinner? Dress yourself up a bit with a stylish jacket, slacks, and some Oxfords before you head out. You’ll be looking the part perfectly and can enjoy the evening without wondering whether or not you are dressed appropriately.

If you’ve got a big interview coming up soon, this is a definite necessity. Just put on this shirt under your best suit and pair it up with a great neutral color tie to leave your interviewers with a good first impression. When you show them that you know how to present yourself well and dress to the tee, they’ll be more inclined to believe that you’re the right choice for the open position as well.



White shirts are a classic item of clothing and every man should have at least one in their wardrobe. This is partially because they never go out of style and also because they are generally appropriate for almost all situations. These are wonderful underneath your favorite jacket in the winter cold or beneath a trendy sweater in the autumn. During the spring months you can add a pop of color to your outfit and use this shirt to bring the whole thing together. On those hot summer days, just roll up the sleeves and rock out.


If you’re waiting to buy a shit button up, now’s the right time to dive in and buy with the new Guide A/W Shirt Collection. You’d be hard pressed to find as nice of a shirt for a better price than London Guide is offering!

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