6 Reasons Why You Are Never Too Busy To Keep In Shape

OK, we get it. You’re a busy dude or dudette. Business takes priority over almost everything. But let’s make this clear – you still have no excuses for not taking care of your fitness. Here are six reasons why…


It’s only half an hour a day

Everyone can afford to spare half an hour a day. It’s no time at all. And, if you really can’t spare the time during the day, then just get up earlier. It won’t take long for your body clock to readjust, and it will set you up nicely for the day. You can get a lot done in a half hour, so look into high intensity , super quick sessions that can give you a full workout in half the time.


You can walk instead of drive

One of the big differences between the UK and the States used to be that they used to drive a lot more than us. That’s not the case anymore. The trouble is, they have an excuse. Americans need to get in the car to go almost anywhere because it’s such a vast place. The UK isn’t. So drive to work by all means. But try to park a couple of miles away and take a brisk walk for the rest of it. It’s cheap exercise , it’s easy, and it works. You will be surprised at how much better you feel.


There are workout videos everywhere

You can workout at home, at the gym, in a hotel – or anywhere you like. And the key point to understand is that you can do it for free. There are hundreds of thousands of tutorials , how-to videos, and instructions all over the web, and the cost to you is nothing. So, take a look around and start sorting out the wheat from the chaff.



There are 24-hour gyms

OK, so a few years ago you could have got away with saying that the gym is shut by the time you finish work. Not anymore, unfortunately. Take a look around your hometown, or the next, and you can almost guarantee there will be a 24-hour fitness centre ready for you to try out. Either fit a session in before you come home from work, or get up earlier and build up sweat beforehand.


There’s no need to be scared

In times gone by, gyms were scary places, full to the brim with muscle-bound goons with territory issues. But it just isn’t like that anymore. Most gyms will now welcome you with open arms, due in part to an increase in customer service standards. And, of course, there’s a lot to do with the enormous amount of competitors there are these days. So, if you are made to feel like you don’t belong in one gym, move on to another. It’s as simple as that – and you will find one that suits your level and needs.


You will perform better at work

And finally, the big one. Being fit and healthy will help you perform better at work . So, if you are spending long hours in the office trying to impress the boss, you might be better off doing something else. Focus on your fitness, and the rest will fall into place a lot quicker.


  1. Kacy October 5, 2016 / 10:44 am

    Great stfuf, you helped me out so much!

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