Japan has been the most popular car market in the world and still proves itself of being at the top. It not only manufactures new high tech cars but also has a wide market of used cars. Car businesses all over the world import these cars from Japan and gain a lot of benefit. But how exactly can you purchase second hand or used cars from Japan at reasonable prices and gain this benefit? Every purchaser should know the important steps to buy second hand cars and the necessary documents that require approving of the purchase. Following are some processes that we have listed down for your knowledge if you wonder about used Japanese car purchases:

Explore and research:

When wanting to purchase second hand cars, the internet can be a great source to achieve information and to connect to the right people especially for a newbie in the field. Research all the options you have when making a purchase as you can auction these cars as well and make deals with Japanese used car businesses. Used trucks and used buses from Japan can be bought at an exceptional cheap rate. You can link yourself with people and make them partners in car dealings to provide you with the cheapest rates. The biggest car exporters in japan provide cars all over the world in all brands and have exceptional professional service and prices.

Sources and Options:

You will find a variety of car brands in Japan in used but excellent condition that will be perfect if you want to start a car business. Car trading is a very successful business these days as people are always buying or selling cars and are always in search of something different. The sources from where you can buy these used cars are vast and are provided in reasonable prices which can be through auctions, private dealership, trade magazines or other car dealerships. You can successfully find your way in this business if you connect with a local partner from Japan who can guide you through all the necessary things. He can also help you with auctions that will get you the best and cheapest deals.

Tax Payment:

Just like any other trade, you need to pay for the tax attached when purchasing any Japanese used bus and trucks. One tax is called the acquisition tax that is necessary to pay during the purchase and is five percent tax of the purchase price.

The other taxes include the automobile tax and the weight tax. Weight tax must be calculated by the car seller and must determine the payable tax according to the weight of the vehicle. Your car will be shipped to you after all these required taxes and payments will be paid.

Agreements and Documents:

As the cars are second hand, they must be re-registered while purchase and this is usually done by the car dealers for the buyers. Following are the necessary documents needed to ensure the evidence of purchase:

  • Car Registration Document
  • Car tax payment certificate
  • Re-registration documents
  • Insurance certificate
  • Seal certificate
  • Driver’s License of seller (private purchase)
  • Proof of parking space

Once these documents are cleared you are good to go and the vehicles will be shipped with insurance. The proof of parking space document must be collected by the police office and should be attached with all other documents including a cancellation of registration document of the previous owner and stamped by the seller or car dealer.