How to identify real shungite - authenticity and its unique properties

How to tell if shungite is real - the most important issue of our time

Many people who want to learn as much as possible about the healing properties of Shunga stones ask, how to tell if shungite is real. vzBec2This question is also important because people do not want to hope in vain for its healing properties and its fullerenes in vain. In this case, you can provide a lot of really interesting answers to this question. After that, all the problems with getting it and its therapeutic effect will definitely be left behind.

Nowadays, not the most honest people who want to make a smart business out of it, but do not want to offer a quality product, have found out about the unique healing properties of shungite. Annoyed people do not even suspect that under the guise of an elite product, for a very high unjustified price, they are offered shungite shale or just a rock that does not have any serious value.

So you can seriously harm your own health, but it is highly undesirable to throw your own money away. Having thought through the answer to this question, you can give several simple and very succinct recommendations for ordinary customers.

Effective methods and real recommendations for potential shungite users

Authentic shungite before buying, you need to determine exactly whether the stone is real. it is divided into three types, only elite shungite has more than 98 percent carbon in its composition, and ordinary products have a characteristic gray color, which is given to them by silicon oxide.

Black color can be dull, but real shungite has a beautiful black matte gloss, in the raw form can easily be destroyed. It shimmers with a beautiful silvery hue, but can easily break the structure if not processed. Do not forget that before buying, shungite goes through several important mechanical procedures at once, which makes it possible to provide it with additional strength.


Another recommendation is shungite, a mineral that can leave specific black spots on your skin. Therefore, the mineral had to be washed with warm water, and only then used for drinking purposes. And most importantly - after processing, shungite becomes strong and can leave no traces! Keep this in mind when using it later, and don't count it!

We would like to say that if you don't know, where to buy real shungite, it is best to rely on common sense and contact only those people who can provide you with the appropriate guarantee or they have purchased minerals from your friends and acquaintances who are able to confirm the full range of healing properties of this mineral.

Purchase features

When buying shungite, you need to understand that genuine shungite is a rarity, you buy a more frequent variety. But this does not make it any less authentic than other types of it. The mineral is extracted in Karelia, but even here true shungite is rare, so it has a high price. This mineral is easily polished and molded, and pyramids, spheres, and other jewelry bracelets and chains are made from ordinary shungite. Thanks to fullerenes, the situation in the house changes for the better, negative energy flows are blocked, but the lack of a perfect black shade is not a guarantee that the mineral is real.


This is just a sign of the pyrite mineral inside, which gives it such an interesting shade. In nature, pyrite and shungite often coexist with each other. Owners of shungite say that inside it there are characteristic threads passing through the sphere, and over time it fades, as well as its polishing. But this is not a reason for real emotions.

An original natural mineral will take full responsibility for the state of the energy flow, take the first blow of negative energy fields, help you get the most positive and free you from a lot of possible problems and troubles.

Other test

Of the other common issues relating to the shungite can be identified such as - where can i buy real shungite is there fake shungite? Let's try to deal with them effectively in order to get a concrete answer to the existing question.09Gvzl6SMpiWRf_3ejB

Of the majority of real minerals, shungite has an important difference compared to its relatives, which also needs to be taken into account in full, so as not to buy a fake. This mineral has a high thermal conductivity, confirmed by research. So, you can take two simple batteries, pass wires between them and put any shungite product between them - a pyramid, a sphere.

If the stone is still real, then the light bulb must certainly light up or at least start to glow with a specific light. So we can say with confidence that this mineral is shungite. The same thing is easy to do using a special device - an ohmmeter, a multimeter, attaching several wires to it and waiting for the arrow to oscillate. Well, the most reliable method can be called laboratory studies of the mineral structure, as well as studies directly under the microscope!

An indirect sign that confirms the value of shungite can be its value, because only 1% of shungite can be called real, although this is not always the determining factor. The best way to avoid problems is to buy genuine shungite from suppliers from Karelia. Also, buyers of such a useful mineral, from real manufacturers, are always able to quickly find out the authenticity of the product by looking at the certificates and other important documents.

Shungite is a healing mineral that can make your life easier and easier. All you will need to do is to choose it as competently and in detail as possible and use it only according to the necessary instructions.

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