Function Over Form, Always – But Where Does This Count Most?


The empowered man understands that style is never something to overtake substance. When substance is achieved, then style can be the secondary consideration. It’s easy to think of the difference between a late-Apple product, the library of which seems to be getting more expensive while they stay behind on important new technological developments, or fail to innovate as they once had. However, ten years ago they were the leaders of innovation. Companies such as Samsung and many others are starting to edge that bet now, as even most Apple-focused technology publications and content creators are suggesting products made by Microsoft over the usual Apple economy. That would have been absurd not too long ago.


But why are we talking about function over form using this example? Because it proves that in order to stay competent in your own life, you need to focus on where the true gain is. This can be used to develop your life with much more promising results, and it embodies many different factors. Does that mean form and function are separate? Absolutely not. But if you have to choose, you know which way to lean. This can affect you in many different arenas of life, namely the following:


Lifting Weights


Form over function often comes in the most primitive matters of our being, and there’s nothing much more primitive than lifting a very heavy weight. However, the form in which you apply yourself to here can either have great results, or negligible results. It might be that the circuit of weight machines around look great and can get you through a circuit working out in forty five minutes, but truly learning compound barbell movements such as the squat, deadlift, overhead press, clean and bench press, with correct form, can help you grow and gain the strength you’ve actually been looking for.


The Car You Drive


While it might be that you hope to impress people with the wheels you purchase, this must never come over and above functionality, good road mileage, good handling and reliability. This can be the difference between buying a new car off the lot that you’ve not researched as much as you may have, and purchasing a used Vauxhall from a quality seller. No matter how you like your vehicle aesthetics there are always more competent options you can tailor later, through the art of a new paint job, or even new racing bodykits if you’re so inclined. Just like the quality of a person – what matters is inside.


The Skills You Build


If you work any form of management job, you’ll quickly now that ‘fronting,’ talking an impressive game on a CV and generally selling yourself means nothing if you haven’t the skills to back it up. A skills oriented approach can help you avoid being the person without anything hidden and mysterious about them, especially in the realm of competence. You might be that person who learns a new language without bragging about it, only to impress on a vacation. You might be the person with a secret love for language and reading, helping you improve at your content writing job. The skills you build can inform your life, and are much more than the suit you wear or the people you know.


With these attitudes in mind, integrity will be the name of your game, and that’s important.

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