How To Motivate Yourself To Go On A Run


Running can be a great way to get fit and destress. It’s also doesn’t cost anything. Despite all it’s benefits, many people find it hard to motivate themselves to go running (especially when the weather is miserable). If you’re eager to take up running but you keep making excuses that stop you from leaving the house, here are just a few tricks that could help you follow through with your running goals.

Time it right


Many people find it hard to go on a run, because they don’t time it right. Evenings can be the hardest times to find motivation, especially if you’ve already had a gruelling day at work – switching to the morning could be a much better way of motivating yourself. This does mean getting up early, but it could help you to feel a lot more energised for the day and you can keep your evening for relaxing.


Dress the part


Investing in some running clothes could encourage you to make use of this clothing. This could be anything from professional running shoes to custom track uniforms . If you look ready for a workout, you’ll feel ready for a workout.


Get a running buddy


Sometimes, having someone else there to spur you on can be beneficial. Consider whether you have any friends who have been considering getting into running and try running with them. When you’re not feeling up to a run, they can help encourage you to leave the house. Similarly, there may be times when you can encourage them. There are even running clubs that you can join.


Download a running app


You could also help motivate yourself by downloading a running app. These apps can track your progress from week to week, telling you how far you ran and how long it took you to run it. They may even be able to tell you how many calories you’ve burned. Compare running apps to find the best one for you.


Consider investing in a treadmill


If you’re mostly put off by the weather, you could always consider investing in a treadmill for you home so that you have the option of running indoors. This could allow you to catch up on your favourite TV show as you run! Some people can buy treadmills only for them to gather dust, so ensure that it is the weather that is an obstacle and not simply the process of running.


Reward your efforts


Another great way to motivate yourself to run more is to reward yourself for your efforts. Consider getting someone else to run a nice hot bath for you that you can come back to after your run, or treat yourself to a tasty foody treat. Make sure that you only give yourself this reward if you run – no run means no hot bath or no slice of cake, because you haven’t deserved it.


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