The Five Items Every Man Needs To Start a Capsule Wardrobe

The list of basic things that a man needs in his wardrobe isn’t particularly long. But there are a few classic items that every guy needs. From a crisp white shirt to a pair of go-to jeans or chinos, there are a few staples that make for a successful wardrobe. When you have a few classic pieces, they make a capsule wardrobe, which you can just jazz up with some more stylish accessories or other items of clothing. So if you’re wondering what those essentials are, here are some of the key pieces that you need.


A Suit

Even if you don’t wear a suit for work, having a well-tailored suit in your wardrobe is such a good idea. It can be used for more formal occasions, as well as for occasions that need you to be a little smarter, but will look fine with a tee or shirt and no tie underneath. The dream is for a tailor-made suit that fits you perfectly. But until then, make sure that you try on suits and get it just right before buying.


Plain White Tee

Having a couple of plain tees are key for any man’s wardrobe. They can be layered up with other pieces, like cardigans and jumpers, as well as worn by themselves during spring and summer. Crisp white looks good as it goes with pretty much every colour of jacket or trousers. A white one is a must, but a black or grey one are good choices if you are looking for more than one.


Button Down Shirt

Having a button down shirt is a must. It is one of the most versatile pieces that anyone can have in their wardrobe. A shirt can be worn with a suit and tie for more formal occasions. But it can also be worn under a jumper for a smart casual look. It can even be dressed down and worn open with a top underneath and a pair of jeans. So having a well fitting shirt is a good idea. Make sure that it is kept really crisp and clean when you care for it too.



This classic shape of sunglasses looks good on pretty much everybody, so it needs to start the base of your sunglasses collection. The great thing is that there are so many brands that do they style, so you can choose some to suit every budget. The classic black Ray-Ban wayfarers give you that cool Steve McQueen edge, though.


Slim Dark Jeans

The reason why you should choose dark jeans is that they look so good and are the most flattering shade to choose. A slim fit is a good idea too as it is much more on trend than any other fit. They can also be dressed up with a shirt and loafers or dressed down with a hoodie or tee. So they are a much better option for a capsule wardrobe than lighter coloured jeans.


What are your go-to items for every man’s wardrobe? Would be interested to hear your thoughts.


A Stylish Man’s Guide To Nailing Office Wear Once & For All

Twenty years ago, the term ‘workwear’ was simple to understand – it meant that a smart suit, neutral tie, and pair of well-shined shoes was mandatory. Today, however, the term ‘workwear’ has become much more flexible, with many offices relaxing in terms of what is seen as being appropriate to wear to work.

Although the days where a suit and tie was all that was allowed into the office are dead, that doesn’t mean that you can turn up in skinny jeans and your favorite slogan tee. Nailing workwear is hard today than it’s ever been, which is why we’ve put together this useful guide, packed full of handy tips and advice for dressing to look sharp and stylish.


It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed

When it comes to workwear, it’s always best to be overdressed rather than underdressed. A suit and tie may not be compulsory, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t wear one. If you’re keen to make a good impression, aim to turn to work overdressed rather than underdressed. Pick a smart, stylish suit and wear that, then monitor what everyone else is wearing to get an idea of what’s appropriate. If you’re going to wear a suit, make sure that it’s a well-cut suit that’s tailored in all the right places.



Accessories are key

The accessories that you team with your outfit are crucial, because if you pick the wrong items, it can have a big impact on your look. The key is to ensure that you select accessories that are as smart as your outfit, and so, fit well with your look. A watch is a must – the style doesn’t matter, just as long as it’s smart and professional-looking. Avoid sports watches, instead, opt for watches with a metal or leather strap – you want a design that looks smart. A bifold wallet in either black or brown leather, along with a similarly designed briefcase can also work well when teamed with a suit or smart outfit. The right shoes are also crucial – either Oxfords or Brogues will do, just as long as they look smart and go with the color of your suit or outfit of choice.



A jacket is a must

No matter what outfit you’ve opted to wear, be it a shirt and trousers or smart trousers and a smart-casual t-shirt, a blazer jacket is always a must. For a slightly more casual look, pairing a smart blazer jacket with trousers and a casual shirt or smart t-shirt or polo can work well. There’s something about wearing a jacket that adds a touch of extra class to almost any outfit, as long as you pick a tailored cut, that is.


The truth is that getting workwear right isn’t always easy, especially now that the lines are blurred when it comes to what is and isn’t appropriate for wearing to the office. Hopefully, however, the tips above will help to make dressing for work that little bit more straightforward and less stressful.



5 Of The Best-Looking Cars To Buy: A Guide For Fashion-Conscious Men

To some people, buying a car is as simple as picking one from any dealer’s forecourt and handing over money. But, there are a plethora of motorists out there who seek out only the trendiest and best-looking cars. They don’t want to drive any old “run of the mill” vehicle. They want something that makes a statement, much like the clothing they wear.

Men, in particular, spend a lot of time researching the best-looking vehicles to get. Especially those known for their interest in fashion and style. As you can imagine, there are quite a few models out there that look awesome. And there are others that just look plain ugly!


So, what are the best-looking vehicles to get for 2016? Here is a round-up of the top five ones you need to consider:





The German car brand is well-known throughout the world. It sells a range of powerful, luxury vehicles that boast the latest technology. For those seeking big horsepower in the form of a coupe, one option is the BMW M2.

In a nutshell, the BMW 2 Series are only three-door vehicles. In a former life, they would have got classed as 3 Series models. But, since BMW’s model lineup shift, they now fall under the 2 Series range.

The BMW M2 will not disappoint you. From its stunning curves to its 365 bhp TwinPower engine, it ticks all the boxes! Thanks to the lightweight body of the car, you can reach 60 mph from zero in only 4.3 seconds.

If you’re a fan of German engineering, you will love getting behind the wheel of the BMW M2!



MINI Paceman


Let’s face it; you won’t need to go far to encounter a MINI somewhere on the road! If you’re a fan of MINIs, you might not want to get one! Why? Because many other people have them too!

If you’re keen to stick with the marque, here’s one fashionable option to consider. I am, of course, talking about the MINI Paceman! You can check out the spec on websites like But, to summarise, the car offers sporty elegance in a compact form.

A quick peek at one will reveal the slanted roofline to give the appearance of a coupe. Inside, the interior feels luxurious and refined. The car still retains the sporty MINI go-kart like handling we all know and love.



Ford Kuga


Here we have a compact SUV that still outclasses the competition! The second-generation model is stylish, modern and capable. It’s an ideal vehicle for those that need both fashion and practicality in their next car.

In-keeping with all current Ford models, the Kuga’s dash has a touchscreen infotainment system. It allows you to seamlessly link your smartphone to the car for a start. Plus, there is plenty of technology in the vehicle to satisfy any gadget geek lover.

Ford reckons the Kuga will account for a significant amount of all new cars sold in the next few years. Take one out for a test drive and you will know why. Did you know that some Ford dealers have a waiting list of customers that want new models? Clearly, it’s a hit with people that desire a trendy car!



Lamborghini Aventador


If money’s no object, you may wish to consider a high-end sports car. One top example that springs to mind is the Lamborghini Aventador. Production started on the model back in 2011, and it’s been a hit with sports car lovers everywhere!

The Italian carmaker announced that it has built around 5,000 models so far. It’s one of those Italian sports cars that fits in well wherever it goes. Sure, they aren’t cheap to buy. But, if you want the epitome of style and performance, you can’t go far wrong here.

A cursory look at the engine bay reveals a V12 powerplant. Boasting 690 bhp, it does 0-60 mph in 2.9 seconds. Plus, it has a top speed of 217 mph! Check out this amazing film clip of one at



Porsche 718 Boxster


Last, but not least, we have a refreshed model from German carmaker Porsche. The Boxster is the “affordable” sports car that we can all afford. If the Lambo above is out of your price range, this sexy 718 is a worthy alternative!

To make their new models greener, Porsche has got rid of the six-pot engines for some new 16-valve ones. But don’t worry. There is still plenty of horsepower at your disposal! The engines boast 300 bhp and are available with manual or PDK (automatic) gearboxes.

Your Car Can Be The Ultimate Fashion Accessory



If you’re interested in making sure that you always look fashionable , you should think about your car. Your car is one of the first things people look at when they decide whether you’re in fashion. Is it stylish, luxurious and a tad ostentatious? Is it a popular brand and has it been kept in good condition. All these things are considered at first glance. If you pick your car carefully, and you don’t rush the decision, you can have one of the most fashionable cars on the market. Let’s think about some of the factors you can consider.


Buy A Classic

If you want a stylish and stunning car that grabs people’s attention, you might consider buying a classic. A classic is always going to be in style, and the reason is in the name. It’s always going to be considered a classic whether that’s a Jag , an MG Midget or a Rolls. If you drive one of these cars, you’ll always get the right kind of attention. The best part about buying a classic is that on occasion, you can get one at a fair price. You might need to fix it up a little, but that won’t cost a fortune. Then you’ll have a car you’ll be proud to drive without spending all your hard earned cash.


Keep It Clean

No matter what car you choose, you need to make sure you wash it regularly. We’re not just talking about taking it to the car wash either. You should wax your car too and make sure that it shines. Spend a little extra effort on your vehicle and you will see the results. Your car will shine as you drive it in the sun, and that glisten is going to catch everyone’s eyes. Don’t make the mistake of buying a beautiful car and then not bothering to look after it. People will notice.


Well Maintained

You need to make sure you’re getting any issues with your car fixed as quickly as possible. If your tyres are looking worn, you can buy new tyres online . Or, if you have a dent in the bodywork, get it fixed as quick as you can. No matter how small, a dent will knock your car out of fashion. It suggests you can’t afford to get it fixed.


Buy Brand New

Of course, instead of buying a classic, you can just buy the latest car on the market. Arguably, this is going to be a fashionable choice because it’s the next new thing. However, this does have one significant disadvantage over buying a classic. If you buy a car brand new, there’s no guarantee it stays in fashion. It’s like buying an iPhone. Right now, you might have the 6s or 6s+, and if you do, you’re the epitome of phone fashion. At least, for those who look hard enough at your phone to realize it is a 6s and not a 6. Let’s face it; they do look the same. Unfortunately, the 7 arrives this year, and that’s sure to look different enough not to be confused with the other model. It’s the same with cars. Right now, you’ve got a BMW X5. But when the X6 arrives suddenly, your car isn’t quite as well thought of.


If you take this advice on board, you can guarantee that your car is the perfect fashion accessory that you own.


The Most Underrated Fashion Items for Men


When we pick an outfit , we usually do so in order to make some sort of statement. Even if we’re only semi-conscious about this fact, it’s very much true in the world of business!

Putting a suit together can be trickier than some make it out to be. Here are some of the items that people often get wrong because they underestimate their importance!



People tend to like keeping their ties basic. Most will go for a tie that is just one solid color. This can often look nice, of course, as long as it meshes well with the rest of the suit . But most of the time, these ties don’t really stand out properly. They can complement a nice suit, but let’s face it: sometimes, ties may as well just not be there.



Of course, many of us remember some odd folks in our time that stood out because of their wacky tie choices. I remember at least a couple of teachers in high school who triggered playground giggles because of their odd ties . Obviously, we don’t want to be triggering these sorts of laughs when we need to look professional. But that doesn’t mean you should just go with boring, solid colors. Consider going with something with a bit of gradience or a subtle pattern. Subtlety is the keyword here, but remember: subtle and boring do not mean the same thing!



This is definitely one of the most underrated fashion items for men, if not the most underrated. After all, many would ask, who really pays attention a belt? Doesn’t paying attention to a belt mean your eyes aren’t meeting the eyes of the person in question? And, y’know, should your eyes even have been hovering in that general area in the first place?


But you should remember that a poorly-chosen belt can stick out like a sore thumb. The belt can act as a sort of “style buffer” between the bottom of the shirt and the start of the pants. So a color clash is very much possible in this area. The best belts for men combine that aforementioned and important subtlety with style. They shine just right, tighten and loosen exactly as required, and are versatile enough to fit with many other items.



This, again, is something that a lot of people don’t really think about. When they put socks on in the morning, they tend to assume that no-one is going to see them. After all, are they mostly covered up with, y’know, shoes ? And the top half are always hidden by the legs of my pants!



Well, here’s the tragic truth: for most people (if not everyone), there will be several points in the day in which your socks are visible. It just happens. When you cross your legs, or bend over, or do anything that disrupts the position of your pants? Your socks get exposed. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a ‘tragic’ truth. If you get socks that blend just right with your pants and shows, then you could be onto a winner. Of course, you don’t have to dismiss funny socks . After all, they can be a way of revealing the ‘soul’ underneath that business suit!



Dress to Impress: 2016 Fashion Trends & Accessories for Professionals

Dress to Impress: 2016 Fashion Trends & Accessories for Professionals – Guest post by Ed Phelan



Source: tokyoform


Having a sense of purpose in the way you dress and carry yourself is uplifting. Whilst the rules in the modern workplace are usually relaxed on what you can wear, this hasn’t stopped many from choosing to dress in a more professional manner anyway. Maintaining a professional style, even if it’s not required, speaks volumes about the level professionalism you apply to your work, and sets you apart from the crowd.

Dressing up for the sake of dressing up is never much fun, but when you carry your style with a sense of professional purpose, people will take notice. Most female work fashion already kills it, but I’m hoping this level of creativity is one day a normal for male professional wear, hence why I’ve been exploring trends associated with men’s fashion at work, as well as what aspects of this style will be big in 2016.


So, What Styles and Accessories Will Be Big For The Business Man This Y ear?

If your work calls for you to be on the move frequently, or even work outside, be prepared for the imminent spring sunshine with a new pair of sunglasses. Although it should be relatively simple, there’s a lot to take into account when shopping for sunglasses. Consider the shape of your head and the large effect it has on how a killer pair of shades look on you. This is usually in correspondence with the shape of your frames; for example, square glasses look better in contrast with a round face shape because they make your face appear longer, whilst oval frames such as aviators will smooth out the edges on a distinctive square head.

We also shouldn’t forget that whilst sunglasses look really cool, they also provide some great benefits including UV protection from the sun’s harmful rays. If you’re on the go often for work, protecting your eyes is wise and further down the line, you’ll be thankful you did it. Whilst sunglasses are nothing new in the world of fashion, combining a pair with a professional look is even more popular now. Simply put, it’s a good look!

Even better when you’re on the go is access to wireless accessories. We live an increasingly connected world, and as a professional, taking advantage of these technologies will not only improve your efficiency, but also serve as accessories to your workwear style. For example, wireless headsets allow you to take calls on the go, or even serve as part of a setup for a home office, but they also convey a sense of professionalism and importance to others.

Use your everyday consumer electronics, such as mobiles and laptops, to assist in your search for new ways to expand your professional style. See a style you like? Take a picture on your phone and use an app like ASAP54 to find new clothing and accessories. There’s also plenty of fashion forums, boards, and social media channels you can find inspiration from.

A common theme through-out the world’s most famous business minds is (what may seem like) a disdain for many forms of fashion. I say this because many professionals avoid thinking about a variety of clothing entirely, instead opting to buy the same outfit and wear slightly different irritations day by day. A famous example is Steve Jobs, who famously wore a black turtleneck and jeans every day to avoid having to think about what to wear. This may sound like a result of anxiety, but is actually to do with freeing up thinking space in the morning, a time when our minds are highly active. This principle was also followed by Albert Einstein.

This may seem counter-intuitive when you are trying to establish your own professional sense of style, bit repetition in this way can also be very effective. If not to free up thinking capacity before those crucial working hours, a sense of repetition can also help you stick out in a client’s mind.

This also doesn’t mean you should be wearing the same thing every day, but rather building from the same foundation. For example, invest a variety of male accessories, including ties, bow-ties, pins, handkerchiefs, dress shoes, watches, jewelry and a variety of shirts to add variety to the same suit each day.


Author: Ed Phelan

c8276bfe9a1750d6e2a248cfc271cf7dI am a young 20-something living in Brighton, UK, interested in sport, travel, gadgets, film, fashion & environmental issues. I am currently a third year student at Brighton Uni & would like to make a career out of writing. I have travelled extensively around the world and am always looking for my next adventure! Follow him on 



Make The Most Of These Accessories



Fashion trends come and go. Just take a look at facial hair for example. The well-groomed beard is riding high but who knows? A few years from now it just might be all over. This year’s skinny and tight in the menswear department becomes next year’s big and baggy and so it goes. The one thing that never changes is the need for classy accessories that will boost any look. The best of these survive all fashion trends. They become part of every well-groomed male’s wardrobe. They make any outfit look better and the more you have of them the more stylish choices you will have. See how many you can tick off.






Once the quintessential part of any three-piece suit, the waistcoat has always had a mind of its own. There is something about a classic waistcoat that draws the eye in. No matter what your figure is doing right now, the waistcoat seems to have the ability to trim it and slim it. There aren’t too many waistcoat howlers, though the t- underneath can look a little tired and lazy. The three piece suit is a matter of taste. But a waistcoat in a subtle complementary material adds a nice sense of style to many outfits and combinations. Large swirly pink patterns might look a little like you got lost on your way the wedding party. But a classic waistcoat buttoned or unbuttoned is definitely a must have style accessory for any male wardrobe.



It’s back and better than ever. Most guys know a good watch never really went away. It’s gone through a heap of changes in style, but the classics endure. The watch and strap lend a real sense of style to any look you want to create. Wearing a classy timepiece lift’s your style and draws the eyes. Bling is out, but understated elegance will do it every time. Of course, you are not going to be content with only one. Some days you’ll want to be all outdoors and rugged and then some evenings a little more svelte style is required. A watch winder is the best place to store and keep your watches. Top watch winder brands are becoming a must have accessory in their own right.




With the possible exception of the Fez, the hat is riding high and making a comeback. For decades, no man would ever be seen without one. Check out any crowd photos from the first half of the twentieth century. Even the straw boater got a look in. Once your choice of hat firmly placed you in your class and status. Think flat cap and bowlers. Today the hat just shouts style, from a svelte fedora to a good old-fashioned cap. The hat and all the headgear from berets to beanies is definitely up top and keeping us warm and rather cool. Display the ones that are not on your head, on a coat or hat rack. Having a hat for every occasion makes you look sharp and stylish. Just check you hair when you take them off. But then you probably already own a mirror, right?


Avoiding Common Mistakes Made By Modern Watch Wearers



It’s hard to put your finger on it, but there’s something truly special about wearing a great watch. Even if you don’t need it for timekeeping reasons, a great timepiece makes a man feel ten feet tall.

No modern man should be without a quality watch or five. But there are many factors to consider when buying one. Unfortunately, there are a number of common pitfalls. If you aren’t careful, you could easily fall victim to them.


Follow these tips, though, and you should be just fine.


Only Owning One

While there is no denying that quality should take precedence over quantity, no one watch is so adaptable that it can cater to a man’s every needs. The modern man enjoys many strands in life. If you are a male watch lover, you must start to build a collection.

Wearing a prestige watch to work can boost your appearance and confidence. However, it’s not right for wearing around the squash court. As the range of Apple Watch products shows, different situations require different items. Only wear your watch if it’s suitable.

If you don’t have the right watch for the occasion, simply go without.


Using Cheap Maintenance

After forking out a significant sum of money on a watch, the last thing you want is to spend more cash on the upkeep. However, it would be criminal to let your beautiful watch become ruined by shoddy workmanship.

Finding the right repairman for your timepiece is almost as important as finding the perfect watch to start with. Using poor replacement parts could put the long-term condition at risk.

Besides, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. For the sake of a little extra money, you’ll gain a much greater peace of mind. And that’s something you cannot put a price on.


Not Thinking Home Protection Through Properly

Every watch enthusiast knows the importance of good maintenance. If you happen to be a connoisseur of automatic timepieces, you’ll also know the importance of a watch winder.

However, one trap that many modern watch owners fall into is that they only protect one watch at a time. A double watch winder can make a huge difference to keeping your timepieces in great condition. This can be especially useful if you like to circulate a number of items over the weeks and months.

Any serious watch lover will confirm that there’s no point in buying quality pieces if you aren’t going to care for them. Make sure that you do just that.


Not Trying It Out First

Consumers have been vulnerable to reacting on impulse for centuries. However, the internet generation is hastier than any previous generation. We’ve all bought items exclusively on the basis of it looking great online, but the watch is not an item that allows you to do this.

Appearing great on a web page or magazine advert is one thing. Suiting your wrist is another altogether. You wouldn’t buy a car without taking it for a test drive first. If possible, you should always take the opportunity to try the watch on in a shop. Even if you end up buying it elsewhere.

After all, there’s nothing worse than spending money on something you’ll never wear, however, much I might do it! Haha!


Luxury and quality formal wear, at a modest price tag

‘In a world where fashion is fast and indiscreetly disposable, it’s always reassuring to find a haven of luxury and quality. And even more so when it’s accompanied by a modest price tag.’ – and we couldn’t agree more!

We have been looking rigorously for exactly this, and it seems that in we’ve found just that. The leap between affordable high-street and luxury tailoring is massive for all formal wear, and is certainly no secret to the men who find themselves in the gulf, that is the marketplace between, luxury tailor and high-street mass production.

Schon! recently interviewed Carl Thompson, the founder of the new affordable luxury brand, by Hawkins and Shepherd. Carl discusses his desire to bring affordable luxury to the public through Pin Collar Shirts online store, in response to consumer dissatisfaction with High St quality and poor value for money. Here’s an excerpt of the interview:



What was the plan when starting out Pin Collar Shirts?

We wanted to create a unique brand, a mix of contemporary and classic styles. We also wanted to embrace our British-ness. I’ve always admired the particular individualism and character of the great British eccentric and wanted to bring back some of this to the workplace.

I always knew that I wanted to get into menswear. Even though I didn’t train formally in fashion or art I’ve always had an eye for formalwear. I was always one to take pride in my appearance and over the years began to learn about tailoring and fashion. I took a liking to formal pin collar shirts, began modelling them around the office and received a lot of very positive feedback.

Why did you start Pin Collar Shirts online, as opposed to opening a shop?

Our research before launching had shown a distinct growing trend of men shopping for clothes online. I think it’s fair to say that clothes shopping hasn’t always been the most cherished activity for many men, so if some of this can be done from a sofa instead of in a mall, so much the better.

It must be hard competing against the high street. What sets you apart?

In my view the high street has focused on quantity at the expense of quality for too long. In some ways, due to escalating rents for retailers, this is understandable. However this has left the door open for smaller, niche brands like ours to enter the market.

Firstly, we have pitched ourselves as affordable luxury. Our shirts compare well with luxury brands with regards to fabric, tailoring and attention to detail at less than half the cost. For us that means a smaller profit margin but that’s literally the price we’re willing to pay to be a leader in our particular market niche.

We also focus on exceptional customer care. In an online world it often feels as if customer service has fallen drastically behind. Too often I think we seem to accept bad service as the norm and it shouldn’t be that way. I challenge our customers to demand excellent customer service and it is our job to exceed their expectations every time.



The editorial pairs Pin Collar Shirts with high fashion, including the likes of Dior Homme and Just Cavalli. Here are two of our favourite picks from the editorial, showing the versatility of luxury tailoring in two contrasting shots; formal and casual.

Schon_Magazine_BeforeDawn4-778x503 Schon_Magazine_BeforeDawn6-778x503


Head over to Schon! for the full interview and definitely be sure to check out the editorial, put together by Marika Page, and puts Pin Collar Shirts in some pretty high fashion collaborations, namely Dior Homme.


Photography / Jennifer Endom @ | Styling / Marika Page @ | Model / George Elliott @ FM London | Hair / Enzo Volpe @ Mandy Coakley Represents using Joico structure haircare | Grooming / Faye Marie using RMK skincare and make up | Location / Blakes Hotel

Apple Watch – 2015 Release

Apple Watch – 2015 Release

The launch of the long awaited Apple watch is nearing closer, as the anticipated launch date of early 2015 approaches.

Apple will be releasing six models. Each has a watch case created from 18-karat gold, protected by sapphire stone. These types of watches are not new, and many brands have already delved into the market, but the majority are bulky and ugly.

elegant-iwatch-from-apple-27-smart-watch Apple-Watch-Edition 1410401880895

It looks like Apple have taken their time, and for good reason, the sleek and beautiful design is sure to grab the attention of both the fashion & tech industries, with both hands.

However, let’s not forget that this is still essentially a nano iPod with a fashionable strap, and like the iPod Nano these will be outdated with the release of new models. At an estimated price of around £350, this seems like a great product, at a reasonable price point. Although, this isn’t your typical watch, that will last a life-time – like all tech it will need updating every 12-24 months, meaning you won’t just be upgrading your iPhone every 12 months.

But, do we care? Absolutely not!

Launching your own fashion brand – Guest Post

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 16.52.04

We are lucky enough to have some first-hand advice, on starting your own brand, from the founder of Unconnected Clothing – Daniel Smith.




“Running your own clothing brand is a very rewarding and exciting experience, however it is not one that you should go into thinking that it will be easy. There are several times where you will debate carrying it on.”



I started my own brand ‘Unconnected’ in January 2013 after having several months previously debating with myself if to start doing it or not. Eventually I did and I’m so glad that I did so. My inspiration for starting the brand was simply walking down the high street. I was fed up of constantly coming across people that were wearing the same t-shirts etc as me. I have always been interested in design and felt that I could possibly offer the public an alternative choice to the classic high street brands such as Topman and River Island.

I was studying Product Design at the time at Nottingham Trent University, and I found that I was working on the brand a lot more than I was on my university work. I then decided from that I wasn’t meant to be on product design and switched courses over to fashion design.



Going back to starting up the brand I want to sort of give a few pointers to anyone wanting or thinking about starting up their own brand. Firstly you must have a clear and precise brand image, and image that you want to portray to your customers, and you must indentify who your customers will be so that you can design to their needs, this will also help you determine what your brand level and image is. Secondly be 100% behind your brand image and believe in it. Thirdly you must be very hard working, I have been up to the early hours in the morning countless amounts of times, just working on collections.


“You also need a group of people around you that will support you, I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the support and help of my girlfriend and family.”


If you would like to have a look at my brands website and social media its:

Twitter- @unconnectedtees

Instagram- @unconnectedclothing

Facebook- Unconnected





Guess Men’s Rigor watch

Men's Rigor Watch

This watch caught our eye when first released, earlier this year. The rose gold compliments the blue strap perfectly. This watch adds class and style to your accessory collection, without breaking the bank.

It’s an absolute steal for just £113.05 at Nigel O’hara.