Leave The Boy Behind And Start Looking Like A Man

This isn’t a piece about getting super-masculine and getting some sort of Adonis physique. These are a few bits of advice that is going to help every man that feels he’s a little stunted in terms of his growth. The appeal of comfort and casualness can get taken too far and have you perpetually dressing like an adolescent. In your love life, in your work, and in your own confidence, these are the steps that will give you the edge a full-fledged man in the know should.

A bit of professionalism

If you’re focused on looking like a future-oriented and success-driven man, then you need to dress for the future you’re aiming for. First, let’s start with a suit. Make sure you have one, but make sure you’re properly fitted for it. Most above average men’s clothes stores will offer that option. An ill-fitting suit is an easy way to look like a boy in a man’s clothing. As well as formal wear, learn to embrace smart casual. It keeps you looking sharp even in those situations where you’re expected to dress down a little.


Update your outerwear

If you want to give the idea that you’re a man comfortable in his life, you need to lose the look that you’re still dressing for your teenage years. Your outerwear is going to be one of the biggest contributors to that. Instead of your old, too-casual hoodies, look into some of the jacket options from places like Dickies jackets. If it’s t-shirt weather, then consider putting away those old fraternity t-shirts. Having some design flair isn’t bad, but simplicity in color scheme is advised.


Pay attention to the little things

Accessorizing is an art lost amongst younger men today, but as you get more aware of your appearance and how it colors the perception of you, you’ll start to realize the benefits. In dating, in particular, the little details are going to be some of the most noticed by members of the fairer sex. The right fitting pair of shoes, whether it’s polished and flawless brogues for a smart setting or a fresh new pair of sneakers for a more casual date, will say a lot about your confidence and care for your appearance.


You need a grooming ritual

That care for your appearance will be ruined if you’re not taking care of yourself on the most fundamental level. The right morning ritual is important for making sure you don’t look like a mess. We’re not telling you to go clean shaven, but if you wear any facial hair, make sure that it’s clipped evenly without any all-too-obvious patches of straggling hair. Get into a skincare ritual to stop your face from looking greasy or overly dry, as well. Once you’ve spent some time with a morning ritual, it stops feeling like any kind of effort at all.

Knowing how to dress for what purpose is going to make any man a lot more confident in his appearance. That confidence will ripple through your life, helping you see better results in just about every aspect of it.



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