Are you Ready? Weight Management Companies Are Coming After You in 2017


If you are watching your weight, they are coming for you—the weight management companies. And it’s not just staples like Seamless and Blue Apron either, but up-and-coming diet meal delivery companies as well.


What really got this party started was the revelation that the show host guru, Oprah Winfrey, had lost more than 40 pounds while still enjoying her diet meals. This is something you had to give up on in the past if you wanted to lose weight through a healthy diet.


Her secret was using diets from Weight Watchers (see post). In fact, she owns 10% of this company, and it experienced an increase of about 10% in stock value after she admitted that the company’s weight management diet plans had helped her lose this massive amount of weight.


The weight loss diet meal delivery industry was worth a respectable $6.3 billion last year; and it’s growing.


This is why Weight Watchers, a company based in New York, will not be the only one reaping the rewards of the increased interest in the industry. Other players will be fighting for an opportunity to be the diet food delivery service of choice for most weight watchers as well.


This proves that the company was right in finding a partner in order to make diet meal deliveries. In the past, its focus was on coaching, a service it still provides to its customers.


Lately, people have taken the war on weight loss to their homes. And why wouldn’t they? Many of them are leading extremely busy lives that don’t give them enough time to visit gyms, let alone keep track of their calorie intake and put in the time needed to prepare healthy meals.


And diet companies are bracing themselves for the increased interest in their products and services. Take Nutrisystem for instance. The company is growing its meal delivery programs in preparation for 2017. Among the new introductions will be the South Beach Diet, (see post) a brand the Washington-based company acquired in 2015


The company will also be adding new products to its lineup this year, including new snack bars. The company will also introduce what it calls the Lean 13 plan, which should help weight watchers shed 13 pounds in their first month.


Other companies are following suit. Another popular meal delivery company, Diet-to-Go (see post), will start catering to diabetic weight watchers this year. This will be part of the expansion the Lorton-based diet meal delivery company will be rolling out this year. Although the industry is in no way a new thing, it is definitely approaching a new stage of growth.


Weight management companies are proving that effective weight loss does not equal deprivation – you can still eat meals you completely enjoy and still lose weight. All that’s needed is to ensure that calories and nutritional value is not compromised in your pursuit of more palatable diet foods.


The idea today is that you don’t need to go to the extreme and avoid certain foods as you try to lose weight. This is why weight management companies are so keen to make losing weight easy through delicious meal options; and it’s working.


With stories like Oprah’s, and many others like herself, more people will be looking to meal delivery services in their quest to lose excess weight in 2017. Eating a few unhealthy foods and then working out thinking the effects will be canceled out almost always never works.


But with diet food delivery companies, you will not have to fight this temptation because the foods they offer are delicious, and yet friendly to your waistline. And no more hours in the kitchen after a long day’s work either, these companies make sure your tasty diet meal will be ready within a few short minutes.






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