Everyone Tells Me To Accessorise, But Why Should I Listen?

Friends of the site will know that I am a big fan of men’s accessories. Every person I meet who asks me about accessories gets the same response – buy some now! But, there are men who don’t understand why accessories are such an important part of a man’s wardrobe. Because I don’t like to advertise people blindly following trends for no reason, I thought I would outline the reasons below. Take a look and, if you agree, start shopping. What’s the delay?!




Accessories Make A Statement

Better than making a statement, they make a statement with effortless ease and style . Okay, they don’t stand out like a sore thumb, but that is what makes them incredibly effective. A silver watch or men’s bracelet seem insignificant, yet they catch the eyes of the people that matter. Who are these people? Mainly women because women love the men that take care of the small details. It shows them that they care enough about their appearance to fine tune their look with an accessory.


Help You Stand Out From The Crowd

Once you make a statement, it is inevitable that you will stand out from the crowd. Again, it will be subtle, but subtle is exactly what you want because it is gaudy otherwise. Men’s fashion at the moment is very similar. You could walk down the street and see a bunch of men wearing the same outfit. You, on the other hand, will have a unique fashion accessory that makes you look original. In today’s day and age, original is great because original is hard to find.


Perfect A Look

It is amazing how much the small details make such a big difference. If you don’t believe me, take a look at https://imwearingme.com/product-tag/for-men and see for yourself. Accessories are brilliant at perfecting a style or a tone because they are subtle. Their subtlety allows you to push the boundaries of fashion without going overboard. Most outfits can look bare without that something special to turn them into a great look, yet that something special cannot drown the entire tone. Thankfully, that is where accessories come in handy. Once you start wearing accessories, you will never wear an outfit without them.


Money Saver

As a result of the above, accessories save people a fortune. I know that I look for accessories first before I look for a new item of clothing. Armed with the knowledge that one accessory could transform a piece of clothing , why would I look to spend lots of money when I could spend just a little?


They Are Functional

As I am not one to put style over substance, I thought it necessary to mention how practical accessories are to everyday life. The fact that they look great is just a bonus. Take a scarf as an example. In the winter, scarfs are trendy and stylish, but they are also very warm. Without the scarf, you would be a lot colder and not as comfortable. Therefore, the scarf, like all accessories, has a big part to play in the functionality of your outfit.


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