Dress to Impress: 2016 Fashion Trends & Accessories for Professionals

Dress to Impress: 2016 Fashion Trends & Accessories for Professionals – Guest post by Ed Phelan



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Having a sense of purpose in the way you dress and carry yourself is uplifting. Whilst the rules in the modern workplace are usually relaxed on what you can wear, this hasn’t stopped many from choosing to dress in a more professional manner anyway. Maintaining a professional style, even if it’s not required, speaks volumes about the level professionalism you apply to your work, and sets you apart from the crowd.

Dressing up for the sake of dressing up is never much fun, but when you carry your style with a sense of professional purpose, people will take notice. Most female work fashion already kills it, but I’m hoping this level of creativity is one day a normal for male professional wear, hence why I’ve been exploring trends associated with men’s fashion at work, as well as what aspects of this style will be big in 2016.


So, What Styles and Accessories Will Be Big For The Business Man This Y ear?

If your work calls for you to be on the move frequently, or even work outside, be prepared for the imminent spring sunshine with a new pair of sunglasses. Although it should be relatively simple, there’s a lot to take into account when shopping for sunglasses. Consider the shape of your head and the large effect it has on how a killer pair of shades look on you. This is usually in correspondence with the shape of your frames; for example, square glasses look better in contrast with a round face shape because they make your face appear longer, whilst oval frames such as aviators will smooth out the edges on a distinctive square head.

We also shouldn’t forget that whilst sunglasses look really cool, they also provide some great benefits including UV protection from the sun’s harmful rays. If you’re on the go often for work, protecting your eyes is wise and further down the line, you’ll be thankful you did it. Whilst sunglasses are nothing new in the world of fashion, combining a pair with a professional look is even more popular now. Simply put, it’s a good look!

Even better when you’re on the go is access to wireless accessories. We live an increasingly connected world, and as a professional, taking advantage of these technologies will not only improve your efficiency, but also serve as accessories to your workwear style. For example, wireless headsets allow you to take calls on the go, or even serve as part of a setup for a home office, but they also convey a sense of professionalism and importance to others.

Use your everyday consumer electronics, such as mobiles and laptops, to assist in your search for new ways to expand your professional style. See a style you like? Take a picture on your phone and use an app like ASAP54 to find new clothing and accessories. There’s also plenty of fashion forums, boards, and social media channels you can find inspiration from.

A common theme through-out the world’s most famous business minds is (what may seem like) a disdain for many forms of fashion. I say this because many professionals avoid thinking about a variety of clothing entirely, instead opting to buy the same outfit and wear slightly different irritations day by day. A famous example is Steve Jobs, who famously wore a black turtleneck and jeans every day to avoid having to think about what to wear. This may sound like a result of anxiety, but is actually to do with freeing up thinking space in the morning, a time when our minds are highly active. This principle was also followed by Albert Einstein.

This may seem counter-intuitive when you are trying to establish your own professional sense of style, bit repetition in this way can also be very effective. If not to free up thinking capacity before those crucial working hours, a sense of repetition can also help you stick out in a client’s mind.

This also doesn’t mean you should be wearing the same thing every day, but rather building from the same foundation. For example, invest a variety of male accessories, including ties, bow-ties, pins, handkerchiefs, dress shoes, watches, jewelry and a variety of shirts to add variety to the same suit each day.


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