Update Your Style In Time For Summer

Now that summer is here, you should start to think about how you’re going to manage your style this season. It’s not too late to make some tweaks and changes to your wardrobe to make sure you look just right. If you employ the advice outlined below, you’ll look great right the way through to September.


Wear Linen Shirts, Fitted Shirts and Polo Shirts

Shirts are the staple of the summer wardrobe. The main three kinds of shirt that you should wear are linen shirts , fitted shirts and polo shirts. These three types offer you a variety that you can switch between depending on the occasion and the temperature. A short-sleeved polo shirt is simple and goes with most things. And a linen shirt is light and allows for movement, which is vital on hot summer days. And then the fitted short-sleeved shirt is the third option that always looks great too. Hit the shops and find a few of each for this summer.



Choose Shorts Carefully

Buying shorts is something that many men get wrong. If your focus is on style, then don’t be duped into buying those baggy shorts that feel comfortable but look terrible. It might seem like a good idea at the time, but it’s probably not worth it. Shorts that have are fitted and have a flat front are the best idea for this summer. They come in all kinds of patterns and colours, so choose the ones that you think suit you best. In recent times, slimmer, fitted shorts have definitely been the style that is in fashion. So, if you want to look the part this summer, then you should opt for these kinds of shorts.


Get the Accessories Right

There are so many different kinds of accessories that you can make use of in the summer too. Focusing on the essentials first, you need to choose the right belt. The kind of belt you wear in summer will not be the same kind that you wear for the rest of the year. A webbed belt that’s a good colour can make all the difference to your outfit. It’s especially useful when you are wearing blocks of colour that need to be broken up. Harlin Jones Custom Jewellery can also bring something new and interesting to your overall style. And don’t forget about the sunglasses . It wouldn’t really be summer without them.


Boat Shoes

Another summer fashion mistake is often made when it comes to choosing footwear. Socks and sandals is the obvious mistake, but it’s certainly not the only one. If you’re looking for the right shoes that look great even when you’re wearing shorts, then you can’t go wrong with boat shoes . These shoes can even look could with slim-fitting chinos too. In fact, they can be matched with most summer outfits, making them an adaptable must-have for this season. Of all the footwear you own, your boat shoes will be the pair that you get the most use out of when the weather is good.



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