Let There Be Light – Working Out In The Dark

Some of us like to work out in the dark. That might sound odd, but it is true. There is something very peaceful about working out in the dead of night when everyone is about to go to bed or get up for work. Plus, it is a lot cooler, which is great now that it is summer. The only thing about working out at night is the lack of light. At times, it can be a problem because it is dangerous. Not only can you get lost, but cars and cyclists might collide with you if they don’t know you are there. That is why it is important to take these precautions if you are a night dweller.



Buy A High Visibility Jacket

It is important to wear the right clothing regardless of what time you work out. For one thing, it will make you more comfortable and aid your exercise strategy. But, it is particularly important that you have the right gear when you work out at night. A high visibility jacket, for example, will make you visible to every road user. As a result, they will be able to see you long before they need to take evasive action. The sensible road users will use this time to slow down or give you enough room so that there isn’t a collision. A jacket is a good start, but you can buy a range of high visibility clothing.



Stick To The Roads

Although cars and cyclists are a problem, they are the better of two evils. Going off-road at night is very dangerous indeed. To begin with, you have no idea who or what is around you or their intentions. Going off-road leaves you very isolated. Even if everything is fine, there is a bit chance you can get lost. Lots of people have gone missing because they didn’t get back in time and the gloom descended. With this is mind, it is a good idea to stick to the main roads and pathways. If there is a path, you will be okay or obvious reasons. But, the road is also pretty safe because there is ample light. And, you will stand out a mile if you have the right clothes.



Use A Flashlight

Are you one of those people that love to exercise off-road? These people do exist, and they won’t let a bit of shade ruin their workout. If you are, you need to invest in a few essential pieces of equipment. The most important is a flashlight of some sort. The best LED flashlight head torches or regular torches are a great choice because they give off plenty of light. That way, you can always see where you are going and what is ahead. Also, you should invest in a map. Then, you will be able to find your way back to civilization should you get lost. Another alternative is to plan the route or use a regular route to avoid getting lost.


Working out in the dark is great, but it is also hazardous. Negate the hazards by following the tips above.


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