Master The Art Of Wearing A T-Shirt

We spend so much time these days looking through the wardrobe trying to put together the best outfits. Buying all sorts of high-end clothing to update our look, but often we neglect the old classics. There are a few pieces of clothing out there that can be used in almost any situation, and make you look great with very minimal effort. The best one is the good old fashioned T-shirt. Wear it well and you’ve got yourself a versatile outfit for any occasion. But it isn’t quite as simple as throwing it on and heading out of the door. There’s far more thought that needs to go to into buying and wearing a T-shirt properly.



Get The Fit Right


The fit of a T-shirt can make or break your body. It can accent all of your good features but if you get it wrong then it could just make you look huge. The first decision to make is classic fit against muscle fit. The classic fit is good for anybody and is a bit more baggier. If you work out then look into a muscle fit, it will help to show off all that hard work you’ve been doing at the gym. When you try a T-shirt on, there are a few things that you should look out for. Make sure that the seams fit perfectly on top of your shoulders. The sleeves should be fitted around the arm and not extend further than the elbow, it’ll make the shirt look oversized and stupid. The length should be long enough to tuck in but not be so long that it bunches up around the bottom.



Choose The Right Color


Once you’ve got the fit right, you need to choose a good color. Plain shirts are ok but visit places like brother2brother if you want something with a bit more of a design to it. When it comes to base color, different things work for different situations. A good white T-shirt is something that everybody should have in their wardrobe. It’s versatile and it suits all skin tones so it will work for anybody. A gray T-shirt is good if you want to show off your body a bit, the color enhances your muscles. Be careful though, you can easily get sweat marks. Black is another great color because it can be used with lots of separate outfits, but it does tend to be a bit too much during the day. Navy is a better choice than black during the day and is one of the best colors to pair with jeans.



Pick A Good Fabric


Getting a cheap quality fabric for your T-shirt is going to be uncomfortable and it will look bad. It’s much better to invest in a decent one that will last you longer. The best thing to go for is one-hundred percent cotton, especially Egyptian. They are much lighter to wear and they won’t fade as easily. Cotton blends are also a good option as the elasticity in them helps to keep the shape of your shirt and stops it from creasing as much.



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