How To Set Up A Fundraising Event


Fundraising events are one of the most popular ways to raise money for charity. They don’t just get people together in a community, they raise awareness for a certain cause. The success of the event that you are planning will all depend on the planning you put into it and if you are organizing something for the office, you need to make sure you can appeal to as many people as possible. Setting up an event can be time consuming, expensive and exhausting, but the event being successful can make all that go straight out of the window. So, how can you set up a successful fundraiser for your chosen charity?


Why? Finding your why is so important before you start your event. You need to decide the purpose of the event, and believe us when we say it’s not just about raising money. Perhaps your company wants to raise awareness for an illness, and gain some positive PR exposure while doing so. Gaining publicity should be a must for your business and to do so via fundraising is a good way to go.


Goal? Setting an amount of money that you want to raise should be first. In the planning of your event, you should have a goal amount to aim for and get as many people in the company involved so that you can hit your target. It should also be what you hope to net, as you will still have your own expenses to cover. Which brings us to…

Budget? You’ll need to consider the hire costs of the place you want to hold your event, accessory costs like HoliColor powder if you’re holding a color run and also food and drink. You may also need to pay to take out adverts in the local newspapers. Factor this in from the start and you can gear your fundraising toward an overall goal amount. If you surpass this, this will be fantastic for the charity you are raising money for. Invitations, transport to an event if necessary and equipment will need to be covered so make your budget comprehensive.


Marketing? When a company launches a new product, they go all out with their marketing team to make sure everyone knows about it. This is the very same. Sell tickets to your event and put it out on all social media channels so that the local community can come and support your cause. If you are a food company, make up food that is decorated with the logo of the charity you are supporting and sell it at the fundraiser. You need to exploit every avenue to raise as much as possible for your cause. Keep a good plan in place for selling tickets or gaining sponsors for your event.


The goal here is to raise money and have a good time while doing it, so get the whole office involved so that you can do something that suits everyone. Your fundraiser can go off without a hitch if you are planning correctly for it!




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