How To Motivate Your Family To Be More Active

Getting your family motivated to be more active and healthy is not always easy. It can be all too tempting, at times, to fall into a routine of evenings in front of the telly and weekends where we get out less and less than we used to. So here are our tips on how to turn around a less active family routine into a new routine where you can all enjoy being more active together as a family unit.

Keep it Simple

If your family have been a little low energy and lethargic of late the best way for you to get the ball rolling is going to be by keeping your suggestion really low key and relaxed. Say that you are going to treat them all to a slap-up sunday lunch at their favourite gastro-pub if they’ll accompany you on your favourite countryside walk, for example.
Getting your family out into the fresh air, enjoying a nice family walk together is a really great place to start in getting your family more active, slowly but surely over time. The natural flush to the cheeks and feel good energy boost from the fresh air and light exercise will have them remembering that actually being outdoors and being active is actually a really great feeling.



Looking The Part

Sometimes half the motivation to getting out and doing exercise is the desire to look the part. Getting yourself decked out in snazzy sports clothes could be just what your family needs to have them feeling more excited about physical activities.


Kitting your family out in new gym gear doesn’t have to cost the earth, have a look online for some great new sporty threads at really reasonable prices. For a mere few pounds, companies like Suddora can have your family kitted out in funky sweatbands and wrist warmers, so see what deals you can bag for your family to have them all looking the part, and therefore feeling the part.



Researching Local Activities

One of the best ways that you can get your family excited about being more active is by getting involved in fun and exciting sporting events in your local area. So getting your family fit and healthy may all start with a little online research. Search for any fun runs, charity sporting events or any weird and wonderful activities that are coming up in your local area and then talk to you partner and kids about the ones you think they would fancy getting involved. Be careful on how you pitch it to them, as anything too challenging may sound a little overwhelming so be careful to always position them as just a fun and active day out with the family.


A fun run for example could be a great goal for your family to work towards if you fancy getting them feeling competitive. You can all do a little training together before hand to make sure you are in good stead for crossing that finish line happy and wanting to do something similar again in the future.




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