Effective Weight Loss Tips For Men

While it is normal to hear women that are complaining about their weight and bodies, a lot of men are also very concerned when it comes to their weight. These are some tips that any male can use to lose weight effectively:


Watch What You Eat – It goes without saying that men like to eat. Of course, women like to eat too, but you do not see quite as many women that are diving into excessive eating like males do. While it is okay to splurge from time to time, consistently consuming high calorie, high fat foods will be a definite way to gain weight.


Try to make the most out of the foods you are eating by going with unprocessed, healthy options. Never be embarrassed about eating a salad. When you are out with the guys, go ahead and splurge to have that pizza, or a burger and fries that you normally would. It is all about balance.


Learn How To Cook – There are a lot of men that know how to cook, but there are many that don’t and never try to learn. This will cause them to hit the drive thru often when they leave work, getting something high in fat and calories. When you learn how to cook, you can prevent this from happening. Keep in mind that learning how to cook will not necessarily mean cooking gourmet meals for one.


It will also not mean preheating your oven for mozzarella sticks or a frozen pizza. When you learn how to make rice, pasta, or sauté veggies, it will be a good start. It is always going to be better to learn how you can cook and eat whole foods to avoid those that are processed and frozen when you are at home.


Never Lift Too Much – Many men will have the goal of increased muscle mass, or hypertrophy, when they set out to workout. Many times, they look for quick results and they end up lifting too much. This will often cause injury and can make it difficult to work out for a while, or until the injury heals.


With the goal of hypertrophy, you are looking at 70 to 85% or a one repetition maximum that is recommended for lifting. A one repetition maximum is the full amount you can lift and have one repetition for your exercise. An example is if you can do a single repetition of a bicep curl using 50 pound weights, you should be lifting between 35 to 42 pounds for hypertrophy.


Supercharge Your Workout – If you are always doing the same exact workout each day, you will find yourself at a plateau. In order to fix this issue, you have to be changing your workout constantly. Try out different exercises that will work each muscle. Think about increasing weight after you find the one you are using gets too heavy. You should also be increasing the sets or reps that you are doing.


Changing up your cardio will also be a good idea because if you are always going for five miles with your cardio workout, it could get boring and your body could be getting used to it. You can try spin, biking, walking or kickboxing.


Avoid Snacking At Night- Any mindless eating could lead you to gaining weight, or even prevent you from being able to lose weight. Many people will do this when they are watching television at night, while some could even be eating as much, if not more, calories while snacking at night than they consumed for the entire day. If you make a rule that you are not going to eat anything after dinnertime, or you just allow yourself one healthy snack, you could notice a huge difference. If you are looking to lose weight then check out these products for some of the best solutions for weight management .


What Are You Drinking? – Many men like to enjoy beer. The heavier the beer is, or the more alcohol content, the better it will taste. However, this is also going to mean that it will have more calories in it. When you are going to be out enjoying drinks with friends, these calories are going to add up quickly. If you have a 12 ounce beer that has 180 calories and you have five of them, this is an extra 720 calories!


Follow The Program That Works For You – Instead of doing cardio to lose weight, or tackling weights to gain muscle, you need to bring both elements into the workout program, which should also have some flexibility training involved to be successful. You need to warm up and then cool down each time that you work out, along with good stretching to help prevent injury.


Many people are not sure about the type of workout they should be doing. It could be a smart idea to invest in a good personal trainer if your budget allows. You may even be able to get in on a free session when you join a local gym.


Have A Well-Balanced Diet – While this may be obvious, many people are not sure of what they should be eating. It is always going to be best to avoid foods that are frozen or processed and you need to include plenty of fresh fruits and veggies in your diet. You should also be avoiding white flour products, including white bread, trying to eat whole grains whenever possible. Smart options include brown rice and whole wheat pastas and breads.


While you may want to have hamburgers or hot dogs as a source of protein, you need to think about options like baked chicken or fish a few times each week. These are lower fat and calorie options and much better for you. Try to eat other healthy fats like avocado, olive oil, and coconut oil over the use of butter. Here are some good tips.


Watch Sodium Intake – There are many people who do not know how much sodium they are taking in. This can lead you to water retention that could prevent weight loss. It can lead to a bloated feeling when you consume too much salt. Always be careful when you are salting your food. Avoid foods that are packaged, canned or frozen, as you will be able to cut down on the sodium that you are having in your diet.


Lower Calorie Beverages – Most people are unaware of the calories found in their beverages. You never want to be drinking your calories as they can bring a ton of calories to your total calorie count each day. You may already know that soda has a wealth of calories, but some of the juices you may be drinking could be loaded with calories as well.


Most energy drinks will also be high in calories. Milk will always be a great choice since it is a beverage that has a good amount of protein along with essential minerals and vitamins. Drinking a lower fat or a fat free milk is best. Of course, water will always be the best choice.

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