Improve Your Mental Capacity With These Tips

In the past, if we saw someone talking to themselves we would naturally think they must be mentally disturbed. Recently, however, there has been some studies that have found this can be very helpful when searching for things. In the study, participants were asked to find certain items after being shown a picture and those that spoke the name of the item out loud found it more quickly. In the study, a person might be shown a picture related to soda and so they may say the word coke and those that did so found the coke more quickly.

It was also found, however, that if a person spoke a word that was not directly related to what they were looking for then it would have the opposite effect. So if someone were looking for their keys but they said the word refrigerator, then it would take them longer to find their keys. Obviously, this is not something someone would do in a usual situation.


Eating Miracle Foods

It seems a couple of times a month that the news or magazines report about the next our newest miracle food. This food is said to make a person instantly more intelligent. Food can help the body and mind be healthier and in that way, it can help intelligence. But eating a so-called SuperFood is not enough on its own to help a person increase their intelligence. The key factor in using food to help increase intelligence is getting all the nutrition the body and mind need each day. Antioxidants, fatty acids such as omega-3 found in fish, amino acids and even glucose are among those things that will help stimulate the mind. Whole grains, blueberries, avocados, and nuts have also been found to be very helpful.


Play Games Like Tetris

When scientists studied those who played games such as Tetris they found that it enlarged the gray matter in the cerebral cortex. These individuals were also found to have increased abilities with related tasks. By chance, it was also discovered that those who played this game immediately following a traumatic event, reduced the impact of the difficult memories those people experienced and they had fewer flashbacks.


Exercise Is Good For The Mind

Often when we think of the high school jock, we think of them as quite different from a geek who might be seen as intelligent but not athletic. But studies have demonstrated that cognitive performance, in particular, is enhanced in those who regularly exercise. So these studies do not necessarily show increased intelligence overall but in this particular area of mental acuity. In the studies, it was found that particularly strenuous exercise was no more beneficial than taking a walk.



Nootropics can be a great way to improve your mental performance and fine tune your mind. Nootropics can alter the balance of your mind, helping you to think with more clarity and work with more focus. New products such as Cognitune use precision dosing technology to help create the best products possible, allowing you the best benefits from the product.



Starving yourself is not something that will help to improve long-term memory or intelligence but it may stimulate short-term memory. If someone is preparing for a particularly difficult examination they can give a boost to their brain by simply fasting. Yale University performed some tests using mice that demonstrated cognitive thinking was increased when the mice were not fed. These scientists believe that when the body thinks it’s starving the mind is able to focus its attention to help the individual find a way to get food.

So the brain’s cognitive ability increases as a natural response to the hunger. Those scientists also believe that the obesity epidemic that America and some other countries are experiencing could mean that the average American is losing their cognitive abilities. Reducing the amount of daily calories that they take in and occasional fasting is believed to be capable of improving your cognitive performance.


Anyone wanting to improve memory and overall brain power should follow the tips above. It is not as hard as it might first appear and it is well worth the effort. As you can see, improving the performance levels of the brain are much in line with the things needed to keep the body healthy. It just makes sense that it would be the case.



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