Top Tops For Every Occasion

Dressing well and dressing right usually go together if you want to look good. And there are plenty of looks you can choose from for every occasion. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a mate’s barbecue or a formal fundraiser, looking good is important. Dress well, and you are noticed, but most importantly, you feel more confident and a part of the group you’re with. Here’s what’s trending for each occasion you might find yourself a part of this summer:



Informal And Fun

You might be heading to a pal’s place to watch the game or be ready to enjoy a few beers and a barbecue. You can’t go wrong here with a good quality tee. Look for symbols over logos, like the ones you might find at places like They can easily be identified, but engage anyone who happens to glance over. Most importantly, you can share your favorite hobbies or movie themes without saying a word.

When Not To Wear – If you’re heading to the mall to buy clothes, a tee can be the cause of serious hair messes as you repeatedly pull it over your head. It’s likely to crease too.



Business Class

What you wear to work is important for your job as well as your career aspirations. They say you should dress for the next promotion, so consider the kind of suit you want to wear. Underneath the jacket and vest sits a good quality shirt. The color choice is yours, but white is usually the preferred choice with a three-piece. Bring out your style with color in the tie instead. Buttoned cuffs are fine under a jacket, but don’t scrimp on the collar. Stiff and fastened is best here.

When Not To Wear – Let’s face it, when it’s hot, a suit shirt with no under tee is going to reveal more than you want.



Smart Travel

If you’re on a break or heading away for a vacation, it’s important to stay stylish. Pick a casual shirt and use it as part of a layer system. Have an under tee on hand, and a lightweight semi-wool sweater. As you move from climate to climate remove what you don’t need to stay comfortable at all times. Yes, you should have an ironed shirt, even if you’ve chosen a light cotton or linen blend fabric. A shirt with short sleeves covers your bases for dining out as well, whatever your flavor.


When Not To Wear – If you’re the driver and you don’t have aircon, or you’re hiking with a backpack, you might leave a damp crease on the back – not a good look!



Formally Stylish

Formal wear is always a personal choice, yet so many of us end up looking the same. Whether you wear a cummerbund or not, a high-quality white shirt is essential. Check the collar for quality, and always choose cufflinks. Definitely wear a jacket with this one, but be comfortable with an open style. You might be celebrating, fundraising, or simply impressing a loved one. Make your evening count by going that extra mile.


When Not To Wear – This one is strictly special occasions only! Enjoy.



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