Dress to Impress at the Gym

Today’s gyms aren’t the spit and sawdust affairs that they once were. They are sleek, modern spaces where you can work on your fitness, meet new people and possibly even find that special someone, which is why it is so important that you dress well for the gym.

Obviously, you don’t need to turn up for your workout looking like a runway model, but putting together a simple, smart gym outfit will ensure you look the part, and that you’re able to work out without restriction, as you work on building muscle.


Don’t want to get it wrong at the gym? Check out these tips which will ensure you dress to impress at the gym:



Wear the Right Shorts

Shorts are the ideal workout wear because they allow your body to breathe and you aren’t in any danger of tripping over them, but you should always wear the right shorts for the right exercises. For example, when you’re working on your legs, wearing shorter longer shorts will keep your modesty, but on an arm day, it really doesn’t matter what length you wear.


While we’re talking about shorts, it’s worth mentioning that, if you want to wear compression shorts or leggings, you should always wear another pair of shorts on top, again to protect your modesty!


Get Good Trainers

Turning up to the gym in your old, grey trainers that are falling apart at the seams won’t impress anyone, and it certainly won’t help you exercise comfortably, so why not treat yourself to a new pair of trainers from Size? They have lots of choices, but you will need to think carefully about the kind of support you need when you’re running, or you could end up injuring yourself early on.



Choose Moisture Wicking Fabrics

Sweating shows that you’re taking your workout seriously, but it doesn’t exactly look pleasant, and that pungent odour you’re exuding won’t impress that lady on the treadmill you’re hoping to strike up a conversation with, so invest in moisture wicking workout gear and, not only will you feel fresher, but you’ll smell more fragrant too.



Consider Padding

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that no one at the gym wants to see your crotch flapping around as you try to get fit, so do everyone a favour and buy some underwear with padding that will keep you in place. It’ll be more comfortable for you too.



Invest in a Quality Hoodie

The hoodie is every gym goers best friend it can cover a multitude of sins and make you look like you mean business even when you’ve just come to use the sauna, which is why you should always spend a little more on a high-quality hoodie. No matter how terrible you look after a long workout, if you throw your hoodie over your vest, you’ll instantly look better!



Wear Training Gloves

Calloused hand may be a measure of how hard you’ve worked in the gym, but they’re hardly attractive, so cover them up with a pair of training gloves. You might just see your grip improve too.



Do you spend your evenings in the gym? What are your top style tips?


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