Gadgets Which Feel Like They’re From The Future

You know what they say, boys and their toys. Well to a certain extent, it’s true. We men do generally have a fascination for all things gadgetry. The truth is, for many of us, they are a way of making life just a little more fun. If you are someone who enjoys this kind of thing, then this post is for you. Here, we will be looking at some great gadgets which you can get a hold of today. However, they are all fascinating enough to feel like they could be from the future. If you are keen on feeling like you’re one step ahead of the rest, then take a look at these. Here are the best gadgets which should be from the future – but are here today.



Hoverboard Scooter

Yes, you read that right. Nevermind what year it should have been in the films, hoverboards are here today. The modern hoverboard scooter really is amazing to see . Not only does it appear to hover in just the way you would expect, but its design is smooth and sleek too. To be honest, it seems as though it won’t be long until we are all travelling around using machines like these. The best part of it is that the price range is surprisingly low. That’s great news for anyone who is keen on staying one step ahead without breaking the bank.


Laser Keyboard

That’s all well and good for when you want to get around . But what about back at home? Well, there are plenty of indoor gadgets which will make you feel as though you are living in the future. One such gadget is the laser keyboard. This one might sound a touch gimmicky, but it is a worthwhile object nonetheless. The laser keyboard is exactly what it sounds like – you set up a small laser and it shoots a keyboard onto the desk. Getting this equipment out feels like you are suddenly in a spy movie. This is one gadget which will really help you tap into the future.


Vizor Glasses

You have probably heard of some of the latest alternative reality equipment out there. However, you might not be aware of just how affordable they are becoming. With the vizor glasses, you have a fully functioning alternate reality headset for a price that anyone can afford. The possible uses of such a piece of equipment are ultimately endless. If you are a keen gamer, then this is something which you will probably be able to get a lot of mileage out of.


Spy Drone

It might not sound above board, but I promise it is. The fact is, you can now treat yourself to a spy drone to use at your own home. These nifty little flying cameras can often reach up to fifty metres away from you. Of course, you have to be careful where you use this kind of thing. But used properly, they can be a fun and useful little toy for anyone.






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