DIY Tools Every Home Owner Needs



When you become a homeowner, there are many different things you’ll need. You’ll need electricity and water suppliers, furniture and curtains. Something else you will need is a sturdy and reliable toolkit. These things will allow you take care of your house and the items within it without needing to call on a professional. They will also allow you to do little tasks, like putting up shelves, and fix broken items. With this in mind, let’s take a look at a few DIY tools that every homeowner needs in their collection.



Because they are one of the more expensive household DIY tools, some homeowners try and make do without a drill to save money. Instead, they may try and use other tools to do tasks around the home. So, they need to put up a shelf. Instead of drilling a hole in a wall, they try and make a hole with a hammer and nail. This is a bad idea for a few different reasons. First of all.

If you also work in construction, a sturdy drill to take with you on the job will make your life easier.



A slot head screwdriver is one of the most useful tools for a homeowner. This is because its shape allows you to unscrew and remove different items for repairs or construction. So, if you buy flat packed furniture, this little guy will be who you need. If your dining table legs become loose, you’ll turn to him again! Anytime you need to construct a new household object, or repair it, you’ll need one of these. You may also need other screw heads from time to time, so one screwdriver with multiple different heads should be what you go for. Get one that chargers and become cordless for easier usage and maneuverability.



No, we’re not talking about a huge and scary looking saw. You a compact hand saw will do. This will allow you to cut wood for tasks like making shelves and shelving units.



We’ve already touched upon using a hammer in the wrong way. But there are many right ways that you’ll need to use it for! A hammer is the exact tool you’ll need anytime you want to hang nails. These might be for something light, like a calendar. In this case, a thin nail part way into the wall will do. However, it is worthwhile investing in a good, strong hammer. It will, therefore, be useable if you need to fix something heavier to the wall, like a large clock or canvas.


And two more things…

These items are both small and affordable, but still very useful around the home. The first is a set square. It will help you to mark right angles and straight lines. This might be for putting up shelves or hanging things on the wall, as we’ve mentioned. The second tool is a spirit level . This will allow you to check that things are level. A wonky picture might not make much difference. However a wonky shelf isn’t much use to anyone!

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