3 Sports Any Man Should Consider

These days, the bland persona of a computer nerd is becoming more acceptable. However, seen as you’re reading this blog, I’ll assume you want to be something more interesting! I uphold that every guy needs a sport to play. There are so many options out there that you really have no excuse! Whether you want to be more active or just want a change, here are three great sports every man should try.



First of all, MMA . There isn’t anything quite as manly as hand-to-hand combat in a cage, and that’s essentially what MMA is. Although this sport has been around for decades in various forms, it’s only really taken off from 2010 onwards. If you’ve done any combat sports before, then trying your hand at MMA will certainly be an experience. Unlike many other combat sports, MMA allows combatants to punch, kick, grapple and pin. This makes it a unique, thrilling and unpredictable sport. On the surface, it’s a mix of kickboxing and wrestling, but you’ll quickly find influences from a variety of martial arts. MMA is very physically demanding too, so if you’re looking for a workout, then here it is!

If you like the rush of competitive sport as much as you like the growl of an engine, then motocross could be another good idea. You should know that if you’re going to take this sport seriously, it helps a lot to be completely insane! If you didn’t already know, motocross involves speeding around rugged tracks on a dirt bike, firing yourself into the air and pulling off death-defying tricks. Obviously there’s a lot of safety gear. However, this is probably the most dangerous sport in this post. Check out https://www.tvnz.co.nz/ if you don’t believe me! While regulations are getting progressively tighter, accidents can and do happen. However, if you can put up with the risk and the cost, motocross is a truly unique experience you don’t want to miss out on.



This post wouldn’t be complete without golf. If you live in Florida, nine holes can sometimes be more dangerous as any motocross track, as shown here: http://acoollink.com/ . Anywhere else in the world, golf is a relaxing, social sport for the man who can’t go cage fighting every week! If you’re a complete novice, proper technique may be a little hard to get used to. However, that’s nothing a few sessions with your local pro won’t help. Once you manage to keep your balls out of the rough, golf can be the perfect sport for you and your buddies. The game is variable enough to keep everyone interested. However, its slow pace lets you chill out, shoot the breeze, and generally unwind together. Aside from that, knowing how to play golf can help a lot when you’re trying to impress the senior higher-ups at your work!


If you’re looking for a new sport to try, any of these three should certainly be candidates. Although some of them may be hard to pick up, every guy should have a sport in their life. Get out there and start having a go!



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