Who is New York City’s Hottest Artist? No Doubt It’s Marko Stout!

Marko Stout will present his second major NYC solo exhibition of 2017 at the popular Emmanuel Fremin Gallery in the heart of New York’s famed Chelsea art district- opening on November 9th. The Emmanuel Fremin Gallery is an art gallery founded in 2007, dedicated to a contemporary program that now represents more than a dozen emerging and mid-career artists.


Stout’s previous sold out exhibition earlier this year at New York’s Sepia Gallery drew large crowds of art fans, collectors, dealers and gallery owners all eager to meet the artist and view his latest collection of prints, film and sculptures. The somewhat controversial works from this pop art master, who many in the artworld are comparing to fellow New York pop artists; Keith Haring, Jeff Koons and Andy Warhol. So much so, that the Google’s result in a search for “Marko Stout” show that people searching for the artist are also searching for Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons, Roy Lichtenstein and Milo Moire- a real signal that the artist’s stock is rapidly on the rise. Marko Stout is a popular multimedia artist and filmmaker- his sculptures, experimental avant-garde films, installations and vibrant aluminum prints exhibited at many fine art galleries throughout the United States and Europe. This cool young artist is one of the most relevant multimedia artists of this generation. He enjoys a cult-like following of younger millennial generation; speaking as the voice for the downtown Chelsea-SoHo crowd. However, his works have gone well beyond the local art scene of New York City and are now featured at major galleries in London, Berlin, Miami, Chicago, LA and many other major international art cities.

Marko Stout is best known for his gritty pop style because he focused on New York City and modern urban life. His work is an exploration of sexuality and urban myth that puts a modern twist on this artistic theme that is perfect for a modern audience. Stout has been featured extensively across social and traditional media, with Splash Magazine calling him “a modern-day Andy Warhol” and a recent article in Paper Magazine said of the artist, “If a list of coolest artists in the industry is to be made Marko Stout would certainly sit at the top.” Stout’s reputation among the elite art crowd grew in a sporadic manner over past years. With several shows under his belt now, collectors in the art world have turned their attention to Marko Stout’s gritty urban works.


Aside from his sold out solo exhibitions and sculpture sales, Stout also produced the popular New York independent art film festival: LIPS Film Festival, a celebration of the best in experimental art films and short. This year’s festival will be hosted by Stout next April at various theaters thought-out New York City with paid live streaming online. Marko Stout’s LIPS festival will be a celebration of the very best in local and international shorts and experimental cinema, along with independent feature length avant-garde productions.


As Marko Stout’s popularity in the mainstream art community and film world continue to grow collectors will take note of the artist’s rising value, making collection of his works a very valuable commodity. His works are now exhibited at numerous galleries throughout the major art cities of the United Sates and Europe. Marko Stout’s latest solo exhibition will be opening in New York City on 11/09/17 at the Emmanuel Fremin Gallery.

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