Classic Shirts Every Man Should Consider Buying


For literally centuries men have been wearing shirts. Across the world, they are a wardrobe essential.

Every year offers something new, but some styles of men´s shirt are timeless classics. They never completely go out of fashion, which means you will always find ways to wear them. Here are our favourites.


Classic dress shirts

Most men wear dress shirts, on a fairly regular basis. If you work in an office the chances are you own dozens of them.


A crisp white shirt

White dress shirts are extremely versatile. They look great worn with a dark suit, but can also work when worn with a well-cut pair of jeans. The exact style you choose is very much a matter of personal taste. Provided you choose a cut that works well for your body type, you really cannot go wrong with this classic shirt. This article will help you to determine which styles and shapes are likely to suit you best.



A button-down shirt

Button-down shirts are right for virtually any occasion. They look good whether you wear them with a tie or open at the neck.

Cotton is usually best

There are some nice man-made fibres available, but if you after a traditional, truly crisp look, you really cannot beat cotton. It can be woven in many different ways. Those shirts that are made from heavier, more tightly woven cotton fabrics tend to hold their shape well, so can look good all day long.

Collar and cuff styles

The style of collar you choose is very much up to you. However, you need to make sure that it looks right with a tie. It is a good idea to try on a range of collar cuts to determine which one looks best on you. When you do, take a tie and the style of jacket you like to wear with you. This will enable you to properly check how the shirt looks. If you want an overview of collar styles, to help you to review the options, just click this link.

Classic casual shirts

Wearing a t-shirt or polo shirt is OK, but it is not an option that works for all situations. Therefore, you really should own a couple of casual shirts too. Here are a few classic styles that look especially good when paired with chinos or jeans, for the weekend.

Casual button-down shirts

A good approach is to buy a looser fitting dress shirt. Provided the shirt is cut straight across at the bottom, it can be worn hanging outside your jeans or trousers or tucked in. These shirts are really versatile. You can, at a push, wear a tie with this style of shirt.

Collarless casual shirts

Grandfather shirts look good on any man. They are extremely comfortable, but should always be worn un-tucked.

Get the fit right

Regardless, of the style of shirt you choose to buy, always take the time to make sure that it fits right. A shirt that is too small will make it hard for you to move freely and will not be very flattering. However, you should also avoid wearing one that is too loose. It is hard to look smart when you are wearing a shirt that is too big for you.


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