What Workout Is Best For You?

Working out is a way of life for most of us but if you’re struggling to get motivated there are numerous activities to get into. Whether you want to try something new by yourself or with friends there is plenty to choose from. We’ll take a look at what types of exercise you can get into.


  1. Sports – This includes the likes of football, rugby, hockey, basketball the list goes on. The idea of this is to be running around with knowledge of a game with tactics. A physical challenge and a mental one too.
  2. Cardio – This mainly includes running and is meant to increase your lung capacity. The gradual increase of cardio exercise improves your ability to run longer.


  1. HIIT – What is HIIT some of you may ask? Well, it stands for High Intensity Interval Training. This is a demanding but quick method for working out. If you don’t have much time, a HIIT workout is a great challenge and usually shows quick results.
  2. Yoga – If you want a more relaxed challenge, this is for you. Yoga is actually very effective once you have mastered most positions. This style of exercise increases your flexibility and in some cases heals or rebuilds injuries.
  3. Weight-lifting – If you can’t lift much weight don’t worry as anyone can start off at any weight to lift. Once you get in the routine of it you will be able to add more reps or sets to your workout. Eventually you’ll realise that it becomes too easy. That’s when you step it up and add even more weight on. It takes time but a gradual process is very rewarding.
  4. Balance – This may sound odd to some people but balancing exercises are used very frequently. Tai-chi is an example of this style as practicing it helps you to prevent falling. As many older adults suffer from falls this exercise is recommended for their own safety. It’s mainly the lower body strength exercises that aid to balance problems.


Some of these workout styles can not only help yourself but people with health problems. If you know of anybody with any sort of problem, one of these exercises will help out in some way.


If you’re already in a routine and it isn’t working as well as you hoped, change it up a bit. You might be surprised at how well certain types of routines work. Working hard and getting motivated is important if you want results. If you can’t get motivated get a friend to go to the gym with you for moral support and vice versa.


When you do workout ask yourself how many reps you’re going to do or how far you’re going to run without stopping. Once adrenaline kicks in it is harder to stop. Nothing is better than beating a goal you have already set. If you accomplish such an achievement you can set an even bigger goal.


The key to the results you want is hard work, dedication, and a set goal. Seeing results after a workout is a great morale booster and you will feel like you want to do even more.

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