Investing in Your Appearance

Your appearance is one of your most important assets. It defines who you are to your peers and ultimately defines the type of person you are. If you care about your appearance and you look sharp at the office, then it gives clients a good first impression of you and it impresses your boss on your first day of work. However, if you head into work looking ragged with clothes that have countless wrinkles in them, you probably aren’t going to turn any heads and you might even turn them away!


Investing in your appearance is important. Whether it’s high-end fashion that you’ve been thinking about purchasing or a tailor made suit, here are a couple of reasons why it’s important to spend the extra bit of cash in order to look the part.



High-End Fashion

You might enjoy paying hundreds for a suit or even a shirt, but it’s not only the brand name you’re paying for. Expensive high-end fashion is usually made to a much higher standard than regular high-store brands. The materials used are of higher quality, they fit better, and the general feel of wearing something so expensive is worth the money. For instance, Fielding and Nicholson offer tailor-made suits that fit perfectly around your body, are made with the finest materials available and are worth every single penny you spend on them. If you want to seriously invest in your clothing choices, then you’ll have to live a little and part with more money than you’d expect.



If you haven’t made friends with your local barber yet, then it’s about time you get started. Male grooming services are probably all over your local area, but you need to invest time into one by making regular visits. This way, you can make friends with your barber and they’ll know exactly how to buff up your appearance, trim your beard and style your hair for every occasion. Your hair is always going to grow (at least, until it falls off if you’re unlucky!) so you need to tame it and keep it under control on a regular basis, and no one will get to know your hair like your barber.



Extra bits and fashion accessories aren’t just for women. Watches, cufflinks, ties and even sunglasses are all part of a man’s fashion wardrobe and you should have something for every occasion. A good quality watch will make a huge different in how people perceive you (as long as you actually use it to track time instead of bringing out your phone). Picking a tie is much more complicated than you might expect; if you’ve ever seen the same few people wearing the same few ties, it’s because they associate it with their outfit or because the design and patterns on the tie matches who they are.



If you’re going to invest in your appearance then you can’t forget a good quality cologne that matches your personality. You shouldn’t be drowning yourself in the cheap stuff just to smell nice. Your scent should be barely recognisable. It should waft around you and give people a slight tinge of a pleasing smell, but it shouldn’t be overpowering enough for them to ask you if you’re wearing cologne.



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