Getting Outdoors And Breathing In The Fresh Air

There is nothing more natural than breathing in the fresh air of the countryside. Even if you live in the city getting outside for some fresh air is needed. There are plenty of activities you can do while outside.


You could go for a morning jog around the block. If you can’t do it in the morning, go for a run after you come back from work. Running on a regular basis is great cardio work and if you keep the same routine you will be able to run further and last longer. This helps increasing your lung capacity.


If you do live in the countryside you will know that great exercise can come from mountain biking as it involves mainly working your quadriceps and your hamstrings. It also tests out your ability to balance when taking sharp corners as well on inclines and declines on hilly areas.


For any reason you happen to be interested in one, we’ve chosen the top mountain bikes for you. These days you can get a very good bike for a reasonable price. When on a mountain bike you should have the ideal equipment and attire with you. A helmet is probably one of the most important pieces of attire you need while mountain biking. A fall without a helmet can prove fatal in some cases and you wouldn’t want to take that risk.


On your mountain bike your handlebars will be padded but if you go on long rides your hands will start to get blisters. Padded biking gloves are essential as this will give your hands more comfort and you won’t get any friction burns.


Shin pads for your elbows, knees and shins aren’t always usually needed but if you feel you need extra protection for your bike ride it could stop you from certain injuries. Goggles or glasses should be required as you could get any debris in your face. If you get hit in any of your eyes, your initial reaction would be to stop and hold your hands to your face. This might then cause you to fall over being unbalanced.


Make sure you have plenty of water with you as well as a couple of snacks. If you have a little too much to carry take a rucksack with you but make sure it isn’t too big to carry. It is also advised to drink about half a litre of water every hour so that you aren’t dehydrated.


A waterproof top is needed especially if there is bad weather. Make sure to take an extra warm layer just incase you do get soaked through. The last thing you want out on a bike ride is to get hypothermia. If you do want to take the precaution, carry a small towel around with you. If you do get wet you can dry off instantly.


If you go on a bike ride by yourself make sure to take a puncture kit with you as nobody will be able to help you if you’re out in the countryside. Also, make sure you have your mobile phone on you. If you get injured and nobody is around you can call for help.


But mountain biking is a fun exercise and more people are doing it. It’s more fun if you bike in groups and you can adventure to new places you haven’t seen before. Getting out there and seeing new areas is part of the experience as well as staying fit.

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