What Constitutes a Gentleman? (Guest Post by Mathews McGarry)

Some would say that the era of the proper gentlemen is over and that the only place where you can stumble upon this species is a novel. Others argue that these valiant individuals are a dying breed, something like tigers and black rhinos in the animal kingdom. Still, women are not abandoning the quest and go to great lengths in order to find the real deal. So, how can gentleman be recognized, preserved and treasured? What is it that makes someone a gentleman anyway? Are they simply born or forged in the fires of daily challenges?


A hard act to follow

The gentlemen of the past are idolized and romanticized, and their images still represent a paragon of masculinity. However, gentlemen have been given a modern twist when the likes of George Clooney and Ryan Gosling entered the scene. Big screen production is the birthplace of many other exemplars, and indeed, their attractiveness stands on par with the splendor of the bygone. Alas, what can lesser mortals do without camera lenses pointed at them, and with less luck at the genetic lottery?

Well, a gentleman is much more than just his physical appearance and a rank on the scale of manhood. First of all, you must act like it in the real world too. The current state of affairs in the league of extraordinary gentlemen is the result of grave misconceptions. Many people have endorsed notions that these people are a bit of a sissy. Well, a gentleman and a sissy are worlds apart. Namely, the former are not some naïve do-gooders or anything like that. A true gentleman is not a mere reflection of what others want.


A man with a mission

The way one behaves towards women is still considered to be an ultimate test for a gentleman. He is respectful, and able to listen compassionately. He expresses his emotions in a controlled manner, yet is always sterling. And the more a woman acts like a lady, the more reason for a gentleman to be at the top of his game. However, a gentleman is by no means perfect. He accepts good relationship tips from others, seeks social recognition, conceals his drawbacks, and makes mistakes. Still, through it all, he is consistent and committed to being a remarkable specimen.

You must be able to accept your flaws, work on them, and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. A gentleman wears his demeanor like a second skin, and clothing like knights wear armor. These things fit him like a glove because he is not a pretender or an impostor. So, in order to become a gentleman, you need to know how to get dressed up to the nines. An outfit does not make you a gentleman, yet it contributes to the impression others have of you. Thus, being well-groomed is an absolute must, as well as possessing a perfectly-tailored suit.

Just remember that it is the quality of character that makes or breaks a gentleman. He is not unintentionally rude, not overly servile. A gentleman does not fancy rudeness, not because he is always decent, but because he does not want to blindly follow his ego to no end. In a sense, he puts more into the world than he takes from it. He knows how to lead by example, strike awe, and inspire others. Gentlemen are aware that there is a fine line between cockiness and determination. He recognizes virtue and has no mercy for the petty and small-minded. A gentleman towers over them like the true titan of our age that he is.


Manhood in new light

Being a gentleman is not being gentle as a lamb, but more like a well-fed predator. Bodily appearance certainly helps, but there are many other pristine layers that matter. The way someone dresses, and their attitude is another crucial element, as a gentleman knows his cards well. There is no shame in defeat, but the war is never lost. Anyone can display feats of heroism from time to time, but a gentleman is always a hero. He is the saving grace of manhood, a guiding light leading us to the place of former glory.


Author: Mathews McGarry

athews McGarry is passionate about many forms of strength training, and has spent years lifting, dragging and flipping all manner of heavy objects. After graduating from the Faculty of Health Sciences, he started writing about his experiences, and sharing tips for a better life. He is an all-around fitness adviser and his words are strong as an Australian Bull.

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