Want to Leave a Strong Impression? Read This.


We meet so many people in the course of our lives. Heck, during your average year you usually see quite a few new faces! But have you ever noticed how so many of these people can fade so easily from your memory? You’ll forget names. You’ll forget what they like. The next time you see them, you may not even remember where exactly you met them. They might just strike you as an annoyingly familiar face. (This feeling is all the worse when they remember you!)

Well, as painful a trust as it may be to some, the fact is that people will often forget you, too! If you’ve met someone interesting for the first time and you want to stay in contact, then you should leave a good first impression. And it’s not just about how the first meeting goes. It’s also about the lasting impression. It’s about making sure you actually have a memorable presence.

Here’s a quick guide to creating a strong, positive impression that will make it easier for people to remember you. It can be applied in everyday social situations, on dates, and even in business!


Unique style

It’s not often that people remember what you were wearing. But have you ever met someone whose style of dress really struck you? It didn’t have to be really wacky or out-there. It was just unique. Maybe they were wearing something that you made you envious! What you’re wearing can definitely help when it comes to leaving an impression. If you’re wearing something formal, then don’t just wear a white shirt under the sports jacket. Try a deep purple or red. Choose an exciting tie. If the event is more casual, look for uncommon, arty designs for your top.


Considering scent

Strange but true: smell is the most powerful factor when it comes to memory recollection. If you smell good, people are going to respond to you very differently than if you don’t really smell of anything at all. (Or, y’know, if you smell bad.) So it might be a good idea for you to look into some of the best men’s cologne. Find something subtle but distinct, something that isn’t overpowering. Something that can keep its strength for a few hours is probably your best bet! After all, we’ve all used cologne when getting ready to go out only for the smell to completely fade by the time we reached our destination.





The importance of conversation

Most people don’t leave that much of an impression when they first talk to someone. It’s not necessarily because they’re not interesting. It’s because people are always so guarded when they talk to someone new. There’s a subtle sense of dishonesty. They become really self-conscious. They think only of how they’re going to respond to certain questions. But if you approach a conversation willing to be more open, more honest, and more empathetic? Then you’ll probably get good results. And don’t be afraid to throw in a bit of strange humor. People respond better to a little weirdness than to completely straight-faced people. After all, the most interesting people are always a little weird!



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