What Can You Eat If You Want To Stay Fit?

Working out exactly what you can and can’t eat when staying fit can prove pretty difficult at times. You’ve got your fitness regime down to a tee, but now you are struggling to work out exactly what you should be eating. Here is a guide as you what you can eat if you want to stay fit.


Vegan Foods

Because such an emphasis is put onto how much you need protein to stay fit, a lot of people are led to believe that you can’t lead a vegan lifestyle if you wish. However, you can! Just because you aren’t getting your protein from meat, doesn’t mean you can’t get it from elsewhere. Instead, you could take vegan protein powder. Or you could continue to get your protein from natural sources such as from lentils and nuts.



All Three Meals A Day

Eating all three meals in the day is potentially more important than exactly what you are eating. If you are trying to get rid of fat, you should still have all three meals, even if they are smaller portions than usual. If you begin to have less than three meals, you aren’t eating regularly enough to keep up your fitness. People often think that skipping Breakfast is a good way to avoid a few calories. However, breakfast can provide you with the energy you need to stay active throughout the day.


Olive Oil

Yes, oil is very fatty, but you should still be getting some into your diet, around two teaspoons per day. Olive oil has monosaturated fat, which makes it good for your heart. Remember, if you cut out food with high calories altogether you will lose weight. This might be muscle weight you have gained as well as fat. Rather than frying your food with it, use it as a salad dressing, or put a small splash of it into your protein shake!



Dieters tend to avoid carbohydrates, however if you are bulking and working out, they should be an essential part of your diet. Carbohydrates give you energy, so as long as you are working that energy off, you can definitely eat them. Potatoes are especially good for you in small doses, as they contain vitamin C and vitamin B-6. Just don’t cover them in sour cream or cheese! Some surveys have suggested that carbs actually promote weight loss, and help you target fat, so don’t write them off.



The old wives tale goes that egg yolks will clog up your arteries and cause issues with your heart. This why many people take them out when they are making eggs. However, is isn’t necessarily true. Eggs promote good cholesterol and contain lots of vitamins, iron and protein. So don’t avoid eating eggs!


Working out exactly what you can eat is difficult, especially when there are so many sources telling us differently. You can eat many foods that you might think that you can’t, so be sure to do your research before cutting them out!


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