A Morning Protein Smoothie to keep you energised all day



I recently decided to try out Motion Nutrition, a fantastic startup that offers a different type of supplement to the norm in that they focus on natural, organic products.

In their own words;

“Our powder products are all made from natural and certified organic ingredients to guarantee the best sources of nutrients. Not only does this mean we avoid all synthetic colourings, flavourings and additives, it also guarantees that you are not ingesting traces of nasty pesticides or herbicides, that crops were grown away from polluted areas, and that the cows producing milk for our whey were fed grass and foliage and certainly no GM feed.”

I am one of those people who has never really eaten breakfast. I used to hate cereal, and just never be hungry in the mornings. However, since I’ve been training, I always get hungry when I get into the office, so I’ve been trying a host of new proteins specifically designed as a breakfast supplement.

Motion stuck out, as it’s one of the very few proteins I’ve ever come across, that’s 100% natural and organic – this is important as natural forms of energy, are always longer lasting!Cacao-Whey-600x6001-500x500

I opted for the Raw Cacao Whey, which is made from organic milk, with the added benefits of raw cacao, which together result in milk with higher levels of nutrients and healthy fats (Omega 3s) than milk from conventional farms, in turn creating a higher quality protein. Raw cacao powder is known for being high in flavonoids (antioxidants) and is considered a superfood which is great for energy! What made me choose the Raw Cacao Whey over the other proteins that Motion offer was the fact that it has a total of 4.7 grams of BCAA per 30g serving. Amino acids are great for stimulating protein synthesis, and I already use them as daily supplement, so a protein containing BCAA is a huge plus for me.



Protein Smoothie

I love protein shakes, but a simple smoothie can allow you get additional nutrients and make sure that my breakfast packs a real punch! I’ve been drinking these smoothies for two weeks now, and they’re seriously good!



  • 1 x Banana
  • Almond Nuts
  • Crushed Nuts
  • 600ml Skimmed Milk


A smoothie is a smoothie, so what to do next is pretty easy, chuck 30g scoop of Raw Cacao Whey into a blender, with a small handful of almonds, a banana, and then another small handful of crushed nuts, and 600ml of milk. VIOLA!


Check out Motion Nutrition full range here.


SCI-MX Protein Cookies

If you’re anything like me then snacking is a daily occurrence, either on the go or in the office. Although I have minor blips on my snack choices, I try to maintain healthy options – one of my favorites being boiled eggs, as they’re such a great source of protein! I’m always a little dubious of trying the protein snacks on the market, as they often command a high price point.

Thanks to the guys at SCI-MX I tried some of the PRO 2GO Protein Cookies and these little bad boys have totally changed my mind! A box of 12 of these cookies are just £17.91, working out at £1.49 per cookie! These are baked cookies with 23g protein, natural flavours and low GI carbohydrates, making them a perfect snack for in-between meals, and especially post work-out.


Here’s a nutritional break-down:

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 11.18.38

Protein is a key nutrient – it is essential to our health. Protein makes up every cell in our bodies: our hair, skin, muscle, and connective tissue. Protein is comprised of amino acids – our bodies’ building blocks – and it repairs, maintains, and builds muscle and connective tissue. Besides water, protein is the most abundant organic compound in our bodies.

If you’re anything like me, post-workout can be a challenging time, as you just want to eat ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in sight. So, I found the best time to eat one was post-workout, to stop my cravings and get a nice protein hit, even more so alongside my post-workout shake.

So how about the taste? I tried the Oatmeal and raisin flavour, and they also offer a double choc-chip and strawberry with white choc-chip – both of which I will definitely be trying out! They taste good, and are really filling, what else could you ask for from a Protein snack?


What Can You Eat If You Want To Stay Fit?

Working out exactly what you can and can’t eat when staying fit can prove pretty difficult at times. You’ve got your fitness regime down to a tee, but now you are struggling to work out exactly what you should be eating. Here is a guide as you what you can eat if you want to stay fit.


Vegan Foods

Because such an emphasis is put onto how much you need protein to stay fit, a lot of people are led to believe that you can’t lead a vegan lifestyle if you wish. However, you can! Just because you aren’t getting your protein from meat, doesn’t mean you can’t get it from elsewhere. Instead, you could take vegan protein powder. Or you could continue to get your protein from natural sources such as from lentils and nuts.



All Three Meals A Day

Eating all three meals in the day is potentially more important than exactly what you are eating. If you are trying to get rid of fat, you should still have all three meals, even if they are smaller portions than usual. If you begin to have less than three meals, you aren’t eating regularly enough to keep up your fitness. People often think that skipping Breakfast is a good way to avoid a few calories. However, breakfast can provide you with the energy you need to stay active throughout the day.


Olive Oil

Yes, oil is very fatty, but you should still be getting some into your diet, around two teaspoons per day. Olive oil has monosaturated fat, which makes it good for your heart. Remember, if you cut out food with high calories altogether you will lose weight. This might be muscle weight you have gained as well as fat. Rather than frying your food with it, use it as a salad dressing, or put a small splash of it into your protein shake!



Dieters tend to avoid carbohydrates, however if you are bulking and working out, they should be an essential part of your diet. Carbohydrates give you energy, so as long as you are working that energy off, you can definitely eat them. Potatoes are especially good for you in small doses, as they contain vitamin C and vitamin B-6. Just don’t cover them in sour cream or cheese! Some surveys have suggested that carbs actually promote weight loss, and help you target fat, so don’t write them off.



The old wives tale goes that egg yolks will clog up your arteries and cause issues with your heart. This why many people take them out when they are making eggs. However, is isn’t necessarily true. Eggs promote good cholesterol and contain lots of vitamins, iron and protein. So don’t avoid eating eggs!


Working out exactly what you can eat is difficult, especially when there are so many sources telling us differently. You can eat many foods that you might think that you can’t, so be sure to do your research before cutting them out!


Our MyProtein Picks for those always on the run

MyProtein have been around for 10 years now, and are well established as one of the top online supplement Brands in the UK. They offer next day delivery, and have more than 350 products, so you can get everything you need with them online. Everyone seems to be increasingly busy, and this can lead you to neglect your diet and training regime. We’ve taken a look at our top 3 picks to help you stay on the straight and narrow, even when on the go.

These Pro Milk 50 RTD ready made protein shakes are perfect for in the mornings. If you’re anything like me then you know the importance of every extra minute in bed, so having these in the fridge is really handy for when you’re running late – every morning in my case. I usually take it post-workout too, which makes it easier for me to drink my protein as I don’t have to struggle with mixing my protein powder with liquid while on the run. It’s delicious, well priced and available in Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla & Banana. Order some here.

shake shake stw
I’m always on the run, so prepping my meals is often a pain. With protein meals though, I can just order the ones I like and I know that they will fit my macros and feed me properly without tons of chemicals or preservatives. I tried the Moroccan Chicken, which was really tasty and easy to prepare, in the microwave. Check these out here.

morocon chicken 2 morocon chicken

MyProtein have definitely pulled it out of the bag with their variety of BCAA flavours, including; Berry blast, Raspberry Lemonade, Orange. I used to have a lot of difficulty in taking my BCAAs, since those I tried always have a sandy taste, but the MyProtein BCAAs mix in the water perfectly and taste excellent! I can already see a big difference in my muscle definition, after using this for the last month. Check out the other flavours here.

Thank you My Protein!

Three must use supplements for the Modern Man – Guest Post

Here is a post from Adam at ‘Shreddy Brek’, as aspiring bodybuilder. This is his advice on the three must use supplements for the Modern Man. Be sure to follow him on Twitter @ShreddybrekGYM .

Long gone are the days where protein shakes and meal replacements were solely thought of as a ‘meat head’ only product.

The sophisticated modern man is more active than ever. Whether this is pumping iron in the gym, playing 5 a side football with the lads, or taking part in a fitness class, an active lifestyle is becoming more and more popular than ever. For those who want to take their training to the next level, we can look beyond the exercise plan and diet, and venture into the world of sports supplements. Although I do take part in competitive bodybuilding, i think the term ‘bodybuilding supplements’ is old hat. With the advancements in science, taste, product availability and product awareness among the mass market, rather ‘sports supplements’ or ‘sports nutrition supplements’ is a far more suitable term.

However that is all semantics. Today I want to share 3 must use supplements that the modern can benefit from, regardless of their sporting activity.

Protein Powder

For anyone looking to gain lean muscle mass, a higher amount of protein is required, compared to that of a non-active adult.

Even if muscle gain isn’t your primary goal, simply taking part in physical activity will put stress on the bodies muscle. Anything such as swimming, cycling, weight lifting or even team sports such as rugby or football will all fatigue our muscle’s, and require the proper nutrition to encourage repair.

Protein works. It is needed for muscle repair (and if the muscle is placed under enough stress, muscle growth), but don’t be frightened by the thought of turning into the Hulk. The larger than life physiques you see bodybuilders sporting are from years of intense weight lifting, high calorie diets, and often, performance enhancing drugs.

The simple addition of a protein shake into your diet will not make muscles sprout up over night.

Why Use a Protein Powder?

  • Easy to digest
  • Fast absorbing
  • Enhances Immune function
  • Convenient To Drink

Consuming a whey protein powder is digested far easier, and far quicker than regular ‘whole foods’. This makes it ideal to consume upon waking, post workout, or when you need to ingest protein without putting your digestive system under too much work.

Whey protein contains a full amino acid profile. When we consume protein, our body breaks it down into amino acids, and sends it to the muscle. Certain types of protein sources all contain different amino profiles. Eggs and beef are 2 whole foods that contain complete amino profiles.

This is why it is important to have a wide range of protein sources in our diet, chicken, beef, turkey, fish, eggs, cheese, nuts and so on.

However whey protein contains a full amino acid profile.

Over on myprotein discount code website I’ve highlighted the best budget protein powder in my impact whey review. This whey protein concentrate is a market leading whey protein, and the most affordable in the UK.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on big name brands, or expensive protein powders. Despite what the marketing claims will lead you to believe. My protein shake recommendation would be a solid whey protein concentrate, from many of the bulk suppliers that sell supplements online.

Some of the most popular brands are MyProtein, Go Nutrition, The Protein Works and Bodybuilding Warehouse.

I used Impact Whey all throughout university, and made solid progress in the gym.


Many people start their day with a cup of coffee, but I hate the stuff. Its an acquired taste. Besides, I’d likely end up burning my mouth every morning and spilling it all down my shirt. Not the best way to start your day.

Caffeine is known to:

  • Enhance Cognitive Functioning
  • Provide Energy
  • Enhance Fat Burning Ability
  • Improve Endurace

If you do like coffee, the problem is, most brands do not disclose how much caffeine per serving you are consuming. It is recommended to supplement with 100-200mg prior to exercise.

Adding a caffeine supplement, such as a tablet or capsule, to your supplement stack would be a wise choice.

You will know exactly how much caffeine you are using, and can taper the dosage based on your tolerance. It’s convenient, cheap, and you won’t have to worry about coffee stains or burning your mouth!


Creatine is arguably the most cost effective supplement that provides the greatest ROI.

It has been proven in study after study to work. Its cheap, and it gets the job done.

Creatine does the following:

  • Improves muscle strength
  • Increased Endurance and offsets muscle fatigue
  • Helps to promote the growth of lean muscle tissue

Without getting all Walter White and jumping into the science too much, creatine provides the muscle with more energy. Creatine can be found in food sources such as beef. However supplementing with 5-10 grams of creatine daily will greatly enhance sports performance.

I’ve been using it for years, and its one of the few supplements I would recommend to anyone, regardless of their experience with training, goals or current size.

No matter what your activity is, or what your goals are, creatine will help enhance your performance.

Supplements aren’t magical

Remember that no supplement is a magic potion. There isn’t a product on the supplement market that will make you lose fat, or gain muscle without having to put the hard work in.

However supplements definitely do help. If you’re training or exercising regularly, then the above 3 supplements, are in my opinion, sure fire ways to help your performance, and lead to greater gains.

LAP_6803 adam

You can follow me over on my bodybuilding blog, http://www.shreddybrek.com or supplement review and discount code site http://cheapproteindiscountcodes.co.uk along with my fitness youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/shreddybrek. You can also follow me at: