Kit Manager Of A Sports Team? Here’s All The Gear You Need


With every new season comes the opportunity for your team to bag some new kit. Getting the gear right is an important part of running a sports team effectively . A great uniform not only makes players feel better when competing, but it also makes them look great too. As Kit Manager, you’re going to want the whole roster to look smart and presentable in the team photo, so listen up. Here’s all the gear you need when kitting out your sports team.



The jersey is the No.1 thing you’ve got to get sorted! A good jersey features the colors from the logo of your team while the garment is styled accordingly. If your logo is red, then you need a striking red uniform, perhaps with a clean, white trim. Everybody in the team is going to have their say about what style and what brand to go for – so listen to them! Grab a few templates from different manufacturers. Whether it be Nike, Adidas, Puma, etc. – just get the squad to vote for their favorite before ordering. Consider getting a shirt sponsor to help cover the costs of your kit – that bit of extra cash could pay for personalisation! Everyone loves having their surname and number emblazoned across their back. You’re going to need matching pants or shorts too, and don’t forget an alternate uniform in case of a kit clash!



Depending on what sport you guys are playing, you’re going to need a ton of equipment. If it’s basketball, you’re going to need bags and bags of balls for practice. Perhaps invest in a special, high-quality ball for match days. Likewise for soccer, and football – where you’ll also need helmets. Ice Hockey and Baseball are obviously going to require different things. Pucks, sticks, baseballs, bats and mitts are all essentials.


Water Bottles

It’s crucial to stay hydrated , so unless you’re lucky enough to have a water boy, the responsibility falls on the Kit Manager for this one. Pick up a load of sports bottles and have them filled and chilled before each game. Get everybody’s bottle initialled for easier organisation! Failing that, assign them by squad number. Don’t think you can skip this step because hydration is the key to success. You don’t want your star man coming off nauseated!



Everybody loves accessories. If you’ve got the budget, then you should definitely splash out for your sports team. Caps emblazoned with your club’s logo always go down well with everybody – especially baseballers. You might want to invest in basketball sleeves or custom sweatbands. Maybe even custom headbands if that’s what your squad are demanding. Once you’ve got all of this gear, your team are going to need somewhere to store it, along with their uniforms. Be sure to order some kitbags to make travelling to games and practice a lot easier for your squad.


Hopefully, with these tips, you’ll go down in history as the club’s greatest ever Kit Manager! All of this gear is worth investing in to make sure that your team photo looks incredible both on and off the field. Good luck.


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