Undeniable Proof That Football Is The Greatest Sport In The World!

Being a fan of a sport is a must for everyone in this world. If you have a favourite sport to watch, then you’ll never be bored. There are loads of sports to choose from, but which is the greatest in the world? I’m here to argue that football is the best sport around, and here’s why:


It’s Always On

Something that sets football apart from a lot of sports is that it’s always on. Here in the UK, we’re used to a standard football season. From August until May, the majority of the main football leagues are playing. We see the Champions League final as the last game in our main European season. During this time, there are matches on every weekend, not to mention all the mid-week matches. There’s so much football to watch ; it’s a sports fan’s dream. Then, when this main season is over, there are other leagues taking place too! The MLS over in the USA kicks in, and you can see some of the best players ever like Pirlo and Kaka playing in the States. Plus, there are international events almost every summer too. Just look at this year, we’ve already seen huge competitions like Euro 2016 and the Copa America while the domestic season is out. Now, there’s Olympic football to tickle your fancy until all the big leagues start up again. Next year is the Confederations Cup , and the summer after that is the World Cup! Football never stops, no matter where you are in the world.



It’s Unpredictable

The great thing about football is that it’s an unpredictable sport. I mean, who could’ve predicted Leicester winning the Premier League last season? Or Chelsea finishing in mid-table after their title-winning campaign the season before. The matches themselves are unpredictable too. You often think you know who’s going to win, but a little team comes from out of nowhere to shock you! All of this means that betting on football can be incredibly fun too. Whether you bet alone or use a Football Hedging System , the unpredictability adds some extra spice to matchdays. It makes things way more entertaining as a viewer. You can have fun with your mates as everyone tries to guess the weekend results and scores. If football were predictable, this would be boring as everyone would make the right predictions week in week out.


The Fans Create An Amazing Atmosphere

Another thing that makes football so great is the fans. If you’re watching football on the TV, switch over to a different sport. You will be amazed at the difference in atmosphere from the respective stadiums. Football matches are always electric, and the fans are cheering and chanting for 90 minutes every game. Even the worst teams in the league have amazing fans that create insane atmospheres. This makes football so amazing because you get a thrill watching the games like no other sport.


There you have it, my arguments for why football is the greatest sport in the world. Do you agree? If not, why don’t you tell me your favourite sport and why you love it so much!


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