Ultimate Sports That Every Man Should Try In His Lifetime

Guys and sports go together like salt and vinegar. For long as men have walked the earth, they have been competing in sports. But, over time, sports have transformed into lesser versions of their previous selves. Whereas in the past football and cricket used to be the ultimate tests of a man’s sporting ability, today they are watered down. It is enough to make any man cry into his morning cornflakes but don’t fear because there is hope. There are still sports that test men to their limits, and you can find them below.



Competitive Eating

‘Wait, competitive eating isn’t a sport!’ It isn’t a sport you say? Well, you have clearly never participated in a competitive eating contest. Eating as much food as you can in a few minutes will test you to your limits. Afterward, you will feel like you have just run a marathon with a full stomach, and it will take you days to recover. It takes competitiveness to shove as much food in your mouth as you can eat, and stubbornness not to throw it all backup. Until you have been in a match, you won’t understand the difficulty of the task.



Race Car Driving

On TV, it seems as if Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg just serenely drive around the track without any problems. The reality is far different as they have to deal with vibrations, electronics, and G-force. When you put all of these together, you get a true test of your physicality. To do it for one lap is hard enough, but to do it for tens of laps is almost impossible. The problem you have is finding a car to compete in because cars aren’t easy to find. For those of you that want to give it a go, you will find Prestige Keys quite reasonable. If you do get the opportunity, you will instantly realize how much easier they make it look than on TV.



Bull Running

In a district in the Basque region of Spain, people gather to do something crazy: run with bulls. Hundreds of pounds worth of wild animals are let loose in a small street, everyone runs for their lives, and that is no exaggeration. The street is only a couple of feet wide, and there aren’t any places to hide. Plus, there are thousands of people on any given day which makes it harder to find a route. Also, you can’t make it into the stadium before the bulls because they will brand you as a coward. It is risky because people often get injured, and some have lost their lives in the past. Still, you won’t find a greater sporting test if you are willing to take the gamble.



Calcio Fiorentino

What is Calcio Fiorentino? Think of Gaelic Football and Aussie Rules mixed into one but even more aggressive! Choking and head-butting are legal, and hurting the opposition is the aim of the game. It lasts for fifty minutes, so it isn’t as if the ordeal is over within a short space of time. To play Calcio Fiorentino, you have to put in the hard graft.



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