Too Good to Give Away: What to Do With Unwanted Belongings

We’ve all been at that position. Perhaps it’s an old family heirloom that’s been passed down to us or a broken watch that no longer works that was given to us by our grandparents. Maybe it’s just a sentimental plushy toy we’ve had since we were young, or maybe an old games console that we used to play on with friends that have moved on to other cities.


Sentimentality can turn even the most vigilant minimalist into a compulsive hoarder. Fortunately, not every belonging we keep has sentimental value and we can afford to clear the clutter now and then. Here are some tips on what to do with those belongings that you don’t want anymore, but are simply too good to give away to random people.


Sell Them

A quick Google search of “sell Rolex watch” gives you a lot of results on where to sell expensive timepieces. Wearing an expensive watch can sometimes be quite a burden because it paints a target on your back that says “come and steal my belongings!”. Unless you live in a nice neighbourhood with a low crime rate, you’re going to have it stolen sooner or later unless you keep it safely hidden in your house.

Sometimes, our belongings don’t have much sentimental value and they don’t have much use either. Most people use watches as a status symbol or fashion statement because our phones are far more practical when it comes to checking the time. If you’re in a bad financial situation, then pawning them off or outright selling them could bring in a decent bit of cash that’ll help you in the long run—especially if it’s a unique or rare model.



Repair Them

But you can’t sell a watch if it’s broken. Well, you can, but only for parts and at a considerably lower price than what it could go for. Fixing something like a watch or old games console can be incredibly expensive because of the delicate parts or redundant hardware that’s no longer in production. However, if we’re sentimental about something, we’ll pay any price to return them to their former glory.


Store Them in External Storage Areas

Whether it’s a hired storage service, a loft area or even a shed, you can clear your belongings and store them for a rainy day. For example, a collection of vinyl is probably far too bulky to keep in your home and the convenience of MP3 players and phones trumps the setup required to play vinyl. However, you can always bring them out when the occasion is right.



Pass the Torch

Family heirlooms are meant to be passed down from generation to generation with stories attached to them. The story itself can get a little hazy, but it’s the thought that counts. If you plan to have children and you’ve been passed an heirloom like a priceless watch or memorabilia from an old age, then keep it safe, maintain it as best you can, and then pass the torch onto your children when the time is right.




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