Tips For Proposing Onboard A Boat

The location of where you decide to pop the question is something you need to think long and hard about. It’s got to be somewhere unique and memorable while also setting a romantic tone. Proposing on a boat is a fantastic choice as it gives you the freedom to travel while also adding some luxury to the event. It’s an experience that neither of you will forget, which is why it is so perfect. Many people are put off popping the question onboard a boat as they think it might capsize, or they might lose the ring. While you can always prevent these things from happening, these tips will help you get prepared for any eventuality.




Insure the ring

You’ve spent months saving up and choosing the perfect engagement ring for your partner. So don’t put it in jeopardy and get it insured. One of your might drop the ring into the water, or it might get lost as you get onboard. This can put a real downer on the event and could prevent it from happening altogether. Many engagement ring retailers offer insurance for loss and damage, so take advantage of this before your trip. This will give you some peace of mind and keep the ring protected throughout. Alternatively, you could wait till you get back onto dry land before giving them their ring, for additional protection.


Have the boat cleaned

Remember that this is an event that should exude love and romance. So the boat you are traveling on needs to look the part. Neither of you will feel particularly glamorous getting onto a boat that is dirty or tired looking. If you are using your own boat, hire a boat detailing and cleaning company a few days before your proposal. If you are hiring a boat, always ask how often the boats get cleaned and whether it costs extra. This cleaning should be done on the interior and exterior of the boat. It might sound like an unnecessary additional cost, but it will make a world of difference to the look and feel of the boat.



Always be prepared

One thing that you can never predict is the weather. Even the most tropical destinations can have unexpected thunderstorms and rough seas from time to time. So it’s vital that you always have a backup plan, should the weather not be on your side. You might be unable to take the boat out, but you can still make it romantic. You could have it anchored somewhere beautiful and fill the deck with flowers or candles. You might even be able to organize a candle lit dinner on board too. The majority of boats will have protective covers which can be pitched during bad weather. You might also want to buy suitable clothes and shoes for you both to wear. Again, it might seem like a lot of effort, but if it keeps you both warm and dry, it’s worth it.

Take what you have learned from this guide and use it to start planning a fantastic proposal. If you plan ahead and organise every detail, you’re bound to make it a roaring success.


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