Thinking of Popping the Question? Read this First



So you’re thinking about popping the question. You’ve been dating for a while and the time feels right. Before you jump, consider the following.


Why do You Want to Get Married?

Ask yourself, why do you want to get married ? If the answer to this question is because you want to spend the rest of your life with this person, you’re on the right track. If it’s to please your parents or because your friends are all getting married, this might not be the right time. That’s not to say that you won’t be ready at a later date. But creating a marriage based on other people will not provide you with a strong foundation.




Are Your Life Goals Compatible?

What do you both want out of life? Do you both want to settle down, raise a family, and retire early? Are you both career minded? Does one of you want one thing and the other something different? You don’t both have to be the same. Sometimes opposites attract. But it is important that the lives you both want to lead are compatible . This will take some thought, discussion, and compromise.


Are You Willing to Forsake All Others?

There are lots of different marriages and what works for one couple, may not work for another. Most marriages rely on fidelity. Are you willing to put your dating days behind you? Are you willing to be with only one person for the rest of your life?


How Do You Both Feel About Raising a Family?

Have you discussed raising a family? Is this something you both want? Or just one of you? Another thing to consider is a timeline for starting your family.

How Much do You Know About Each Other?

This question encompasses all the others. How much do you know about each other? Some people get to know each other in a relatively short space of time. Others date for years but never really know their partner. It is important that you know the person you intend to spend the rest of your life with. You need to know their past, their aspirations, and their hopes and dreams. You need to know what they want in life. It’s important to know their family and friends too. It’s likely that they will become your family and friends.



What About the Ring?

If you’re sure, and only you will know this, you’re ready to take the plunge. Have you got the ring sorted? If you’re unsure where to start, online reviews, like the Ritani review , will help. He or she will wear the ring for the rest of their life, and so it is important to get it right. It’s not just another gift ; it symbolises so much more. Take as much time as you need to choose the right one.


Have You Chosen a Venue?

Have you thought about how and where you intend to propose? No pressure but your partner will remember this moment for the rest of their life. It is a story you will tell at dinner parties and pass on to your kids.


If you’re not sure of the answer, avoid public settings. Being in a public place will make it so much harder if the answer is no. Try to keep it a secret. This will add to the occasion and make it all the more special.


Marriage can be a tricky business. But if you’re with the right person it can be beautiful, magical and an adventure. Sometimes you just know when you’re ready. You can’t explain it, you just know. For others, it takes more soul searching. To be sure, ask yourself the above questions and then go for it.



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