Street style Trendy picks for urban spring accessories


Your style does not show only your taste in fashion, but, quite more than that, it reflects your personality. This spring is ideal for showing the world your creative side. What you should do is think about the tiny details that will make your outfit stand out. Your hairstyle, belts, jewellery matter as much as those perfectly tailored suit of yours.


Check out the shawl neck cardigans



All though the spring has already come, there will still be a couple of bad weather days. And you need to look trendy be it rain or sunshine. We are lucky to have the new trend of shawl neck cardigans that will keep you both stylish and warm during the breezy spring nights. There are no details that you will have to think of once you get a cardigan like this because it is good enough itself. Just pair it with a basic T-shirt and dark jeans and you are good to go.


Hair goes 50s


The men were crazy about slicked hair in the 1950s. Everyone who is willing to rock that retro vibe will be pleased to hear that is the major trend of the year 2016. Louis Vuitton runway was all about this hairstyle and men went crazy about it. It is elegant and ideal for work or nights out. The best of all – this hairstyle is really easy to create! You can create the sleek look by applying a quality hair gel or a mousse, but do not overdo it and you will soon get a smooth effect on your hair. If you feel like rocking a bit more of a texture, comb your hair lightly and you will super stylish in no time.


A quality belt is what you need


What distinguishes a good outfit from an average one are quality details. Among them it is the belt you wear that says a lot about you. Choose quality leather goods to spice up your outfits and tell the world how creative, urban and self-assured you are!



We love bomber jackets


There is another blast from the past – bomber jackets. They are perfect for the beginning of spring as they will make you super comfy in the night and stylish during the day. However, although there are many of them with vibrant prints, choose the more classic ones which you could pair with a great number of other items. If you steel feel like getting a tropical print bomber jacket, that is ok too but let it be your major accessory, do not make a mess of your outfit by applying dozens of other accessories.


The comfort of slip on shoes


The best thing to wear during spring are slip on shoes which can reflect your creative side. It cannot get any more urban than that. Those will look perfectly with short shorts and a bomber jacket. Go for colourful ones and cut down on the colours of the rest of the outfit and you will be praised for your immaculate fashion taste.

This spring we are lucky to have so versatile and comfortable statement items. Stay warm yet cool wearing a bomber jacket or a shawl collar cardigan. Create the retro look of your hair that is the major trend of this year too. And invest in a quality belt that will distinguish your outfits from all the other ones. And when you feel like getting super comfortable, put on your slip on shoes and feel creative and cosy!


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