Top 5 Benefits of Playing Golf



Golf is often considered a leisure activity by many fitness fanatics. But, there’s a lot more to it than a simple stroll around the course. There are plenty of benefits to playing this fantastic sport – and I’m going to go through some of them with you today. Let’s take a closer look at this ancient pastime and how it can be better for you than you might think.


Perfect for networking

Let’s not forget that golf is a social activity. And, plenty of business deals have been made in the comforts of the clubhouse, or somewhere between holes one and eighteen. Think about the vast amount of corporate companies that use the golf course for networking, and you can see the appeal. It’s a perfect excuse to spend big on a membership every year, and for playing regularly.




It’s exercise and downtime at the same time

You go to work, you look after your family, and you work out . A lot is going on in everyone’s life, and sometimes it’s good just to get out in the fresh air and take a long walk. It’s good for the core, too – as it’s an important part of controlling your swing. Add in the vast amount of walking, and the constant use of the body, and it’s a gentle full body workout. You can take it easy, too, for when you are feeling a little tired. Grab yourself a golf cart, get an extra Power Sonic Battery to keep it charged, and you can take the easy route through any course in the country. There aren’t many sports that can give you the ultimate in relaxation and a full body workout.


It improves your focus

Golf is great for the mind, too. Every shot you play takes the perfect combination of mind and body. It boosts your concentration and is almost meditative in its effects. If you aren’t comfortable with activities such as yoga or mindfulness, you can fill the gap with golf.




It gets you out of the house

If you are in an office job and workout in the gym, do you have much time to get outside in the fresh air? It’s essential for a healthy lifestyle, and if need to get out more, golf is an excellent way to give yourself an excuse. If you don’t get enough sunshine, you can end up with Vitamin D deficiency . No matter how fit you are, it can lead to muscle weakness, pain in your bones, and even cancer in extreme situations. So, the next time someone complains you spend too much on the golf course, you can tell them it’s purely for health reasons.


It’s low-risk

If you are used to playing a team sport but want a something competitive to do in your downtime, golf is an excellent idea. There is strategy , tactics, and coordination involved, just like in team sports. But, there is little risk of injury, bar the odd pulled muscle if you don’t warm up properly. You still get the muscle engagement, but without the danger of hurting yourself in a bad way.




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