The Skinny On Gaining Incredible Muscle Mass

If you’re a skinny guy, you’ll know that it can sometimes be a little tough to put on mass. In fact, at times it can feel downright impossible. No matter what you try to do, you can’t bulk up. And even when you feel you’ve made progress, it can all evaporate after a week away from the gym.


Most skinny guys say that the reason they can’t bulk up is because of their metabolism. They’re just revving it up too much, right? Well, according to research by Doug Kalman, a doctor, that just isn’t the case. Skinny men aren’t thin because they’re revving up their metabolism. They’re skinny for the same reason the average guy is a bit overweight. They’re eating and exercising wrong.


Here are some tips to help you succeed in the gym, even if you’re a skinny guy with apparently no hope.



Snack On Ice Cream



Kai Greene does it. Jay Cutler does it. Even Ronnie Coleman was once a fan. Snacking on ice cream might sound like an awful idea. But remember, ice cream is packed with calories and is a must for anybody trying to gain weight. Don’t eat the stuff every night. But perhaps make room for it in your dietary schedule once a week if it seems impossible to gain weight. Remember, ice cream is dairy at base, meaning it has much of the same muscle building properties.



Weigh Up The Whey

The biggest problem for skinny guys is usually that they’re not taking in enough calories. For whatever reason, their bodies put the brakes on their appetite, and it’s hard to get enough food. Here’s where protein shakes come in. Men who buy protein shakes can gain weight far more rapidly. Why? Because shakes contain a mixture of protein, fast carbs, and slow carbs. If you’re struggling to gain weight, don’t stick to the protein-only shakes at breakfast or in the evening. Use post-workout shakes that contain carbs to boost your overall calorie intake. Carbs help to get nutrients to the muscle and to fuel the muscle building process. Protein is what muscles are made of, but carbs are what provide the energy to build new tissue.




Do A Full Body Workout Every Other Day

The conventional wisdom is to work each muscle group every four to five days. But that traditional split routine was developed by bodybuilders on anabolic steroids. It’s probably not suitable for the average, unenhanced man. So what can skinny people do? Well, the good news is that the 4-day split isn’t the only game in town. Many people are now trying full body workouts every other day. The reason for this is that full body workouts help to jumpstart your muscle-building hormones. Your body produces a heck of a lot more testosterone when you exercise all your large muscle groups than when you do just one or two.


What are the biggest muscle group moves, I hear you ask? Try including pull-ups, squats, deadlifts and rows into your routine. And don’t skimp on the deadlifts.



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