A Man’s Guide To Getting More From The iPhone 7

The newest member of the Apple family entered our lives a few weeks ago and is currently considered the must-have gadget for everyone. But if you’re lucky enough to have got your hands on one, you’ll no doubt be determined to maximize its capabilities.


An iPhone 7 can completely transform your relationship with technology. However, you cannot expect to simply take it out of the box and enjoy everything it has to offer. The key to unlocking the Apple device’s full potential is to make it personal. One simple job that will immediately make it feel like yours is to change the ringtone. Millions of iPhone users ignore the benefits of this. But it’s the first step to appreciating the importance of embracing your unique character.



Perhaps the most important step to using your iPhone 7 wisely is to know what you want from it. Every user is different, and understanding your desires will help direct you to the best solutions.

Technology can enhance your life in many ways. If you’re a little unlucky in love, dating Apps can be a fantastic way to meet potential partners. Of course, using these platforms won’t suddenly erase some of the other factors that could be holding you back. Nevertheless, it is a great way to connect.

After all, communication is at the heart of all smartphone technology. Whether it’s using group chats with friends or colleagues doesn’t matter. Downloading the appropriate Apps can be another fantastic way to ensure that you stay in the loop at all times. Likewise, connecting your email account to your phone can aid organizational aspects too.


The iPhone is a wonderful tool for recreation, and some of those activities can even win you money. Using the Sportsbet mobile app & Sportsbet multi builder can allow you to increase your bank balance while having fun watching sport. Best of all, you’ll never need to step into a betting shop ever again. It’s all there at the touch of a few buttons. Meanwhile, blogging and forex trading are other fantastic options

There are Apps for virtually anything you could ever want. However, this isn’t the only way to get more from your smartphone. There are tonnes of accessories that can turn your iPhone 7 into something truly amazing. For business owners, credit card payment systems can turn your smartphone into a mobile POS. Alternatively, you could promote the business with a custom designed case.

In truth, the battery life of the iPhone 7 is far better than previous models. Nevertheless, investing in a portable charger or charging case can make a world of difference. Let’s face it; you aren’t going to achieve anything if the phone isn’t switched on.

Ultimately, the opportunities are nearly endless. You can make your Apple device as complex or simple as you like. Of course, using the cloud will also enable you to link up with other devices for even greater results.


If only someone could find a way to make those AirPods harder to lose. Then the iPhone 7 would be perfect.


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